Foam Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see foam in a dream? Dreaming about foam can tell a lot to an experienced dream interpreter. And those who are little familiar with dream symbolism should seek help from dream books, they will help decipher what this dream is about. But before proceeding with the interpretation of the dream, be sure to clarify what kind of foam you saw in a dream and where it was.

In his dreambook Gustav Miller assures that seeing foam in a dream is a sign of disappointment due to one's defeats. But even knowing that Fate is not preparing you anything good, still remember what exactly you dreamed about. If you dreamed of alcohol foamed in a bottle, this suggests that all the troubles are caused by bad habits. If you get rid of them, you will be able to correct the situation.

But to see a lot of foam on your hair in a dream is a harbinger of unpleasant conversations and gossip about you. It's especially bad if the foam was dirty - it won't be easy to make excuses. Another explanation for dreaming about one’s head in foam is that it is a sign of silly ideas and vain hopes.

If you dreamed of a bathtub full of soap suds, this means that now is the best time to correct the mistakes of the past. What does it mean if you dream that the soap suds are blue? This means that if you focus on the goal, you will cope with all difficulties successfully and be able to make your dreams come true, says Miss Hasse's dream book.

What is the meaning of a dream plot in which you are sitting in a bathtub completely filled with foam? This is a sign that you are wasting your time because you are acting rashly. And if there is water with fragrant foam in the bath, which lays on your body, on your face, on your head - in a word, everywhere - this means that you are rushing too much to undertake implementing your ideas. Think over all your steps for a start, the dream book advises.

Dreaming about sea foam is a sign of change. Being naked in sea foam in a dream is a sign that you will take a fresh look at some events taking place in your life, the Eastern dream book predicts. Especially if the sea water with foam covered you entirely in a dream.

Did you have a chance to swim in a foamy sea in a dream? You should notice if the water was clean. Seeing waves with white pure foam means a pleasant change and sudden joy. And if you dreamed that the foamy sea boils with white ridges, which in fact turn out to be smelly, this suggests that someone will ruin your mood with thoughtless speeches and actions, Longo's dream book states.

Dream Interpretation of the White Magician will help you understand why milk with foam appears in a dream. Try to remember if in a dream you drank it with pleasure, then in reality you have a chance to succeed in your chosen field or with a person you like.

Did the frothed milk disgust you? You shouldn't even try to do something that you don't like - nothing good will come of it, the dream book assures.

And if in a dream you whipped a milkshake, this is a harbinger of the fact that you are "muddying the waters" around some event in vain, it is not worth it.

A dream plot in which you see that foam is coming out of your mouth should be alarming, as it portends problems due to your own incontinence and talkativeness. And if the foamy discharge from the mouth does not come from you, but in someone else, this is a good sign, because such a vision means that someone will tell you about the secrets of your opponent.

Another scenario, explained by the Chinese dream book, has the following description. If you dreamed that saliva foamed from toothpaste is dripping from your mouth, you can prepare for victory; but if it is soap that you keep in your mouth for something making foam, this means you should not promise anything to anyone.

    Also, the interpreters give brief explanations of why the foam formed in any other way is seen in a dream. So if the foam was:
  • in a glass of champagne – this mean festive mood: the joy will be short-lived, but bright;
  • shaving foam – you are thoroughly prepared for the battle - go for it;
  • from the detergent in the washing machine – you are too busy, you need to make a stop;
  • beer foam – the time of relaxation is over, you need to act for changes for the better.

Foam bubbles in a dream are an indication of the influence of aggressive, "boiling", negative energy.

Sergii Haranenko
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