Giving Birth To Triplets Dream Meaning

If you were lucky to give birth to triplets in a dream, you can be expecting grand luck, great health and real luxury. The case, because of which you were greatly worried, will surely end successfully.

A dream about birth of three babies at the same time is a sign of a quiet and comfortable home life. Seeing newborn triplets and hearing them cry means that all family conflicts are resolved safely.

Dream Interpretation sometimes gives a dual interpretation of a dream about triplets: either you get fantastically rich, or you dream of things that are obviously unfeasible.

Such plot also means that anxiety and doubts will leave, peace will reign in the house, you will gain confidence and increase wealth.

But if you dreamed of the birth of sick children, the dreambook warns of major problems. It is good to see that the kids have grown together like Siamese. This means that a long period of happiness is coming.

If another person gave birth to triplets in a dream and you had to help at labor, this means that you will have to become a part of very unusual event. It will seem insignificant at first glance, but it will have extremely unpredictable consequences.

It is a bad sign if the woman died at labor or the babies that were born were freaks. Any attempts to establish some kind of relationship will end in complete failure. Do not waste your energy; better get engaged in more interesting things.

    The dreambooks also consider who saw a dream about triplets:
  • An unmarried man – happy marriage in the future;
  • Married man – unexpected big money.
  • A married womanpregnancy, wealth.
  • Elderly lady – wait for grandchildren, family celebration.

If the young girl gave birth to triplets, the dream book advises not to get involved in dubious stories and guard your honor. In addition, the plot promises her a secured life in the absence of love in reality.

If a man sees his wife deliver triplets in a dream, this is a sign that his boss will accept one of his old ideas. But if the born children were sick or ugly, then get ready for disappointment.

Giving birth to triplets on the seventh month of pregnancy in a dream means getting such big profit you couldn’t even dream about.

The dreambooks consider that giving birth to triplet boys means there will be great hassle and bustle. The birth of boys also marks the improvement of living conditions. But to see someone else delivered boys means a vested interest in existing relationships.

The delivery of triplet girls means that a very unusual event will occur in the near future, a real miracle. The appearance of girls promises a happy marriage to lonely women, and unfounded suspicions to men.

If in a dream newborn girls were palmed off to you, the dreambook assumes that success will come due to someone’s help.

Sergii Haranenko
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