Green Eyes Dream Meaning

In Miller’s dreambook the staring look of green eyes is interpreted as a call to be alert. A symbol in a dream means that someone is really watching you and with intentions that are far from good. The secret pursuer is waiting for the right moment.

If you dreamed of one-eyed person with green eye, annoying accidents threaten to disrupt your plans.

Popular dream books disagree on what dreams of bright green eyes mean. According to some interpretations, the symbol means success in love, in other interpretations it is a sign of deceit.

You can see beautiful emerald eyes short before a dizzying love affair. But do not expect loyalty from the new passion, Medea warns.

The Wanderer’s dreambook considers beautiful eyes a very positive forerunner. Changes will affect several life spheres: personal life, well-being, successes in obtaining knowledge. Happiness can be hindered only by gullibility and laziness.

    The dreambooks give interpretations of plots about green-eyed man:
  • The green eyes of a stranger reflect your own repentance;
  • If a guy with an emerald gaze was seen in a dream, someone is very jealous of you in reality;
  • If the guy's eyes turned green in your dream, do not doubt his feelings;
  • The benevolent mimicry of the green-eyed man foreshadows success in business;
  • The cold, spiky look of a man in a dream tries to warn you against an error;
  • If you dreamed that a guy can see through you, keep your secrets secure;
  • When a friend's gaze in a dream is too intrusive, he dreams of you in reality;
  • If you couldn’t see the color of his iris, you will be confused by a frank conversation.

The dreambook of the 21st Century gives interpretation of a dream about child with green eyes. The dreamers should expect amazing discoveries that will turn his worldview.

If you dreamed of a child with green eyes of extraordinary beauty, in reality there will be a chance to give warmth to your loved ones. Your deed will not remain without reciprocity.

Those who are inherent in children's egocentrism in reality can happen to see a clear-eyed baby in an inappropriate place.

The French dreambook gives interpretation of an unfriendly look of an unknown woman with olive eyes at you. In fact, it is advisable to beware of the vile tricks of the envious people and to recognize the plans of flatterers in time.

If your beloved woman changed the color of the iris in a dream, she is actually not so simple or not at all the one who she claims to be.

You can see your eyes changing color to green in moments of repentance and dissatisfaction with yourself.

A dream about unfriendly stranger with green eyes advises to look closely at your closest environment and your second half. Seeing many such people in a dream is a sign that you can face the dishonesty of others.

Esoteric dreambook gives interpretation of a plot about a black cat with green eyes. The image symbolizes selfishness and base instincts. The dreamer risks to show such qualities unexpectedly for himself or to experience a similar attitude towards him.

If the black cat’s eyes glow in the dark, Nava’s dreambook promises enlightenment. You will suddenly realize how to solve a long-standing problem or discover extrasensory abilities in yourself.

Wolves and other predators with an atypical greenish eyes personify fears and phobias.

Itchy eyes omens and beliefs.

Sergii Haranenko
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