Grenade Dream Meaning

There is no nation that has not faced war. And where there is war, there are weapons. Even dreams of hostilities are terrifying, not to mention reality. Do you know why you dream about war or military shells? Do you know what a grenade seen in a dream portends, for example?

Seeing a grenade in a dream is a threat to your peace of mind. Enemies will go to open confrontation soon, Miller's dream book warns.

If you dreamed that a grenade exploded in front of your eyes – this means you will shock the public with an unexpected act in reality.

If someone dreams that he is holding a hand grenade in his hands and wants to blow it up – this is a sign that the numerous difficulties that have piled on you will soon bring you to a nervous breakdown. Pull yourself together, take it easy, and you will find solutions to problems.

If you dreamed that you are a soldier and run across the battlefield and are going to throw a grenade at the enemy – this means you should be careful, because a rather dangerous activity awaits you.

If you dreamed of explosions of ammunition with a bright flash and a loud sound, this is a sign of family discord and misunderstanding.

A lot of grenades scattered on the ground seen in a dream mean that you should watch what you say in the coming days. Others may accuse you of gossiping.

Throwing grenades and not hearing them explode – is a sign that you are now in a very difficult period in real life, when all passions are heated to the limit. Loff's dream book does not advise to solve any problems now; you should do it "soberly".

If you dreamed that you are preparing grenades for battle - beware of rash decisions, you can make a mistake and get into an unpleasant situation.

If you dreamed that you were buying or selling weapons – this means others may have trouble because of you. Try not to have any influence on people around you in the coming days.

What does it mean if you dream that you were holding a grenade and it exploded in your hands ? This means you should be extremely careful and prudent in business, any mistake can be fatal.

To see in a dream how someone is putting a cannonball into an old cannon - mistakes of the past will "rise" again and interfere with the implementation of your plans.

If you dreamed that you hear the explosions of grenades, but you do not see them, this means you will hear some news. The sounds were "close" - the news will delight you, the volleys are barely audible – this means not very good news.

To see a toy grenade in a dream – is a sign that the actions and deeds of your enemies will be funny and pathetic, you can easily cope with them.

A grenade with a pulled out pin in a dream means troubles and problems are already behind. Only luck and joy awaits you ahead, the Eastern dream book pleases with its interpretation.

To train in throwing a grenade at a distance with an idle weapon - you are very often wishful thinking. If someone catches you lying, it will be difficult to restore your reputation.

A grenade without pin is a sign of positive changes; the one that has not exploded predicts troubles at work.

To get blown up on a grenade in a dream predicts the betrayal of a friend. To blow up a tank with a combat grenade in a dream predicts the loss of a loved one.

If you dream that you give a grenade to a child is a sign of his illness.

Shooting a combat grenade from a grenade launcher – means achieving your goal. A grenade that exploded in the room means a pleasant surprise.

Throwing it into the water and looking at the explosion is a symbol of creative ideas.

Putting grenades and other shells in a box is a sign of promotion.

Sergii Haranenko
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