Hands In Blood Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you see bloody hands in a dream? Seeing one’s hands in blood in a dream predicts a serious illness or financial loss. If you dreamed that you are washing blood off your hands, this means you can count on victory over ill-wishers and resuming your reputation.

What were your actions with bloody hands in a dream?

  • getting your hands dirty with blood - trouble at work;
  • washing off blood from hands - means get rid of unwanted acquaintances;
  • seeing arms broken to blood - a conflict with friends.

Where exactly did you see blood in a dream?

  • blood on the arms and legs - failures in personal life;
  • bloody palms - a meeting with a vile person;
  • seeing blood on the left hand - returning the old debt;
  • blood on the right hand - anxiety due to the behavior of children;
  • blood on the wrists - obstacles on the way to achieving the goal;
  • hands in blood up to the elbow - a breakdown due to severe stress.

Who had bloody hands in your dream?

  • your own hands in blood - to problems in the family;
  • for a girl - to a loss of reputation due to hasty conclusions;
  • for a man - to disappointment due to an unsuccessful deal.

Whose blood did you see on the hands in your dream?

  • your own blood on the hands - a conflict with relatives;
  • someone else’s blood on your arms - victory over competitors;
  • animal blood on the arms - betrayal of a partner.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about blood on hands?

  • Looking at the bloody hands with pleasure - means hiding discrediting information.
  • Seeing how too much blood flows from the wound - the inability to spend finances rationally.
  • A dream about black blood on your hands is a sign that there are envious people among close friends or relatives of the sleeping person.
  • Wiping your face with bloody hands - predicts the disease.
  • Seeing drops of blood on your hands - a breakdown and depression.

What are the Top-5 positive bloody hands dream meanings?

  • Blood on the ring finger of the right hand - means a coming marriage and a happy family life.
  • Licking the blood from your hands in a dream means the joy of meeting with relatives who have come from afar.
  • Drawing blood with your hands - profit or material assistance from close friends.
  • Cutting a broken arm is a sign of good news.
  • Cutting your arm and bleeding - a long-awaited meeting with an old friend.

According to psychologist Miller, a dream about hands in blood means failures in personal life and problems at work. If you dreamed that you managed to wipe the blood off your hands, it means that in reality you will be able to avoid misfortunes.

    Other interpretations by Miller:
  • blood stains on the arms - the appearance of obstacles to the implementation of important plans for the sleeping person;
  • a lot of blood on the hands - an imminent serious illness or injury;
  • black blood on the hands - a large number of ill-wishers and envious people who will ruin your career;
  • monthly blood on your hands - resentment against your partner;
  • hands in dried up blood - an unpleasant incident.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream portends the appearance of a person with whom the dreamer will enter into an intimate relationship.

Seeing blood on the hands, according to the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga, speaks of a conflict with close relatives. A dream about a large amount of blood can mean a quarrel with the whole family; it is quite possible that the disagreements will affect property.

Bloody hands in a dream mean that in reality you will unconsciously deceive a friend or loved one, which will bring him great trouble. Washing it in a dream means trying to "clear" the conscience or find out some secret.

Sergii Haranenko
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