Hookah Dream Meaning

What are the hookah dream meaning and symbolism? If you happened to see a hookah in a dream, it means that you are trying to escape reality with the help of fantasies and invented illusions. Dreaming about a bong also warns of some problems because of your carelessness. Besides that, such a dream can predict spending time in the company of your friends.

Hookah in a dream is a symbol of something pleasant and relaxing. This is a kind of abandonment of responsibilities, carelessness and a romantic view of the world.

However, the dream book advises to interpret the dream exclusively if you are not fond of this type of smoking in reality. Otherwise, it will become only a continuation of the vivid emotions experienced in reality.

For those who do not use tobacco at all, the vision can be a serious prophecy.

Did you dream about hookah? The dream interpretation suspects that you are afraid of losing control over your emotions, especially when under the influence of alcohol or another relaxing agent.

In addition, the device marks an imminent meeting with an old friend. In a dream, a bong serves as an indication that you have the opportunity to make peace with someone with whom you were in a quarrel.

But if a married woman dreamed of hookah, this means she will face a family conflict caused by her inappropriate behavior. For men, the dream book warns of possible complications at work or in business.

Why do you dream of smoking hookah? This means that you can become the object of unpleasant ridicule or go on a trip to eastern countries.

Seeing people who sip hookah smoke in a dream – means receiving extremely important news or some information.

By the way, smoking hookah with great pleasure in a dream – warns of mild illness; and if you did it without much enthusiasm, the dream means minor troubles and minor disagreements.

In a dream, this smoking device predicts a series of unpleasant situations and obstacles. If you happen to smoke hookah with fragrant smoke, this means everything will turn out well in the near future.

Did you have a dream that the scent was not pleasant? The dream interpretation thinks that it is you who will become an unexpected obstacle on someone's path. Seeing an unfamiliar person savoring hookah in a dream means that someone will change not only your plans, but also your thoughts.

What is the dream meaning of hookah according to Miller's dream dictionary? He reminds the young women that they will have fun and a generous gift. But the unpleasant and even disgusting smell of the smoking mixture warns of quarrels and unreliable subordinates.

    Here are the Top-5 negative hookah dreams:
  • A broken hookah in dreams speaks of disrupting plans.
  • Dream of hookah with a narcotic mixture - to disappointment in a loved one.
  • A hookah with alcohol in a dream - means doubting the correctness of the decision.
  • Buying a hookah means you get tired of the routine.
  • Seeing someone preparing it - means criticism from others.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about hookah?
  • Fruit hookah in dreams means receiving an expensive gift.
  • Mint hookah in a dream - symbolizes the fulfillment of one’s desire.
  • Dreaming of chocolate hookah - represents the end of the failure period.
  • Washing hookah in a dream means a solution to long-standing problems.
  • To give it to someone - means the appearance of a new friend.
Sergii Haranenko
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