Bite In The Hand Dream Meaning

A bite in the hand seen in a dream is interpreted as an unfavorable sign predicting problems, ill-wishers being active, conflicts, financial situation deterioration. Such image in a dream is warning about possible illness, adultery, betrayal.

If a person or an animal bites your hand in a dream, you should avoid conflicts in order not to attract additional problems.

If you dreamed of a human’s bite in the hand, this image means that a dangerous opponent will encroach on something valuable for you.

A bite in the hand without blood predicts a quarrel with a friend. A bite mark without blood means you will remember the offence for a long time.

If a cat bites you in a dream, this means that you will have much more work because of ill-wishers.

If your hand was bitten by a fox the dreambooks predict problems in business sphere that will have to be solved fast.

    The dreambooks take into consideration whose bite was seen in your dream:
  • Fox’s – unplanned expenses;
  • Wolf’s – happy changes in your personal life;
  • Cat’s – health deterioration;
  • Dog’s – friend’s betrayal;
  • Crocodile’s – hypocrisy; deceit from business partners;
  • Kitten’s – breaking up with your beloved;
  • Pig’s – a friend will betray you for his own benefit.

Did you dream that a cat bit your finger? The dreambooks recommend being careful with new acquaintances as are capable of meanness for their own benefit.

A dog’s bite in the hand predicts difficulties and loss the size of which depends on the size of the dog. A bite in the right hand predicts problems at work. A dog’s bite in your left hand is a warning that your intention to hurt someone can lead to complications.

Did you dream of a rat’s attack? It symbolizes the dreamer’s difficult moral situation and the need to make unprofitable decision. Rat’s bite also means you should not lend money to other people as they will not return it.

If you were hurt by a white pet rat, this means someone nurses a grievance against you. You should remember whom you could have insulted and ask forgiveness.

If the mouse bit you in a dream, you should beware of betrayal. Such plot seen by a young girl means her beloved is cheating on her.

According to Miller, a bite in the hand means you should beware of illness and bad luck. If the bite was hard and there was even blood, this image in a dream means the person will have to succumb and give a part of something he cares about.

    The dreambooks give the following explanations to insects’ bites:
  • Spider – problems in personal life;
  • Bee – spiritual growth, harmony between inner and outer world;
  • Wasp – enemies will interfere with your personal relations;
  • Scorpion – there will be a number of problems.

If there is a mite on your shoulder or wrist in a dream, financial loss is possible. If a spider bites you in the hand, such image means someone is trying to control and guide you to fulfill his own plans.

A snake bite in the hand means enemies will harm your financial situation and authority. Such attack in a dream also warns about possible trauma of a limb, so you should be more careful. A bite of a snake that took place at work when you were taking some papers predicts problems or even set-up from colleagues.

Did you have a dream of viper attack? You will face open hostility, where the advantage will be on the side of the enemy. Cobra’s bite means you should beware of treason or betrayal.

Why does my husband dream about how a snake bit his wife? He will express his wife his displeasure or criticism soon.

Did a fish bite your finger in a dream? The dream interpretation explains: troubles will spoil your mood, but will not affect business. A fish bite also warns of the need to be prepared to take action in an undesirable turn of the situation.

A vampire’s bite in the hand portends danger: someone will want to appropriate your values ​​in a criminal way.

Did the horse bite your hand in a dream? A dreamer will have career advancement, good profit from work.

If a woman bites her man in a dream or sees how he does the same, there is true love and mutual understanding between them.

Sergii Haranenko
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