Glass House Dream Meaning

Deciphering what a glass house is dreaming of, the first thing that dream-books recommend to pay attention to is the transparency of the walls. If you dreamed of crystal-clear partitions, then, most likely, everything is extremely simple and clear in your life. But the opaque or dirty walls in a dream symbolize someone else's envy, and your own secrecy.

Freud's dreambook identifies glass house in a dream with the desire of the dreamer to advertise and parade his personal life. If you dreamed of your own glass house, it means that you start a relationship only in those cases, if you people will be jealous. You prefer the popularity and status of the person to love and tenderness.

But to look at someone else's dwelling made of glass is a sign that someone’s personal life interests you much more than your own.

What is the interpretation of dreams of a bedroom, the outer edges of which are made of very transparent glass, almost invisible to the eye? This means you should not doubt the honesty of your chosen one. Like you, he has no " skeletons in the closet."

But the glass, spattered with dirt, hints at some problems. Talk to your beloved frankly - this will help avoid making mistakes.

The kitchen room, in which the street partitions are made of small glass pieces, means a high creativity and creative nature of a person. You can easily find a way out of the most difficult and dead-end situation that you or your loved ones find yourself in. People around you appreciate this quality.

The glass walls of the bathroom, which in a dream you are trying to cover with curtains or paste over with an opaque covering, say that you are a shy person who cannot brag about his achievements and successes.

But the “transparent” toilet, on the contrary, indicates every attempt to flaunt everything that you are doing, and without regard to the morality and aesthetics of the act. You can easily talk about how you "set up" a colleague, not experiencing anything but pride.

Glass living room characterizes the desire of a sleeping person to contact other people. If the wall/windows are not curtained and clean, it means that you easily make new acquaintances and cherish the old ones. But the glass dullness or relief, distorting the object or person behind it - this is a signal of unwillingness to let anyone else into your soul, even friends.

Did you dream of a glass attic? Dream books suggest explaining this dream: you should not advertise your plans openly. A person whom you trust may set you up any moment.

    As for troubles with a dwelling of glass, the details of the dream will help you get the correct interpretation:
  • Flood – you will not know how to react on a problem correctly;
  • Fire – do not hold all the emotions inside;
  • A glass wall fell down – you need to pay attention to your partner as he is dissatisfied with something;
  • Roof fell down – you need to learn think soberly, with cold calculation.

Miller’s dreambook looks at a glass house in a dream from the point of view of its population. So, for example, if you see that it is full of people, then this means that you are not threatened with loneliness.

Watching domestic animals is a sign of fear of circumstances. But the empty corridors talk about loneliness and melancholy of a sleeping person.

Sergii Haranenko
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