Lover (male) Dream Meaning

A lover in a dream reflects the desire of the dreamer to diversify her life with bright colors and emotions, to understand herself and to improve family relationships.

The dreambook of Miller relates a lover of a married woman to the sexual dissatisfaction of the dreamer and the tormenting desire. If this picture dreamed by an unmarried young lady, it means that the girl will have an acquaintance with an interesting young man soon who will bring a variety and new, previously unexplored feelings to her life. Perhaps in the future, this guy may claim the hand and heart of a young person.

To dream of an ex-lover, according to Vanga’s dreambook, symbolizes the incompleteness of relationship, the presence of attraction or resentment towards a person who was once your lover.

For a married young lady, having a connection on the side, kissing with her lover in a dream foreshadows the imminent revelation of the dreamer. To avoid such humiliation, you must either stop the vicious relationship, or tell your spouse about everything.

If a young lady happened to kiss her paramour in a dream, who does not exist in real life, then you should look at the personality of the dreaming man. Perhaps, in reality, a person has a great sympathy for the dreamer. An unfamiliar person in the role of a lovemate, testifies to the dissatisfaction of the sleeping person of her life, which will affect the interaction with people around her and will bring a lot of trouble.

For a married family woman who has no relationship on the side in real life, the young lover is a subconscious signal of a lack of love, affection, passion and attention from her husband. Dream interpretation advises to talk about tormenting feelings with her partner and try to find a solution to this issue together.

A dream, in which your secret boyfriend is with another woman, is a symbol of your man’s insincerity and his mercenary motives towards the dreamer.

Sex with a lover in a dream indicates a tormenting desire and lust for a certain person. If in a dream intimate intercourse was with a person you know, with whom nothing happened in reality, this means you should pay attention to your loved ones and strengthen the relationship with your spouse.

What a dream of a deceased lover means? If in fact the person is alive, then the dream indicates the completion of the illegal union with the person in the dream.

Talking to a lover, according to Hasse’s dreambook, predicts a happy married life, a harmonious relationship with the chosen one and sexual compatibility with the spouse.

It is easy to guess what a dream of naked lover means. This picture indicates the sincerity of the feelings and intentions of the beloved. A dream in which both husband and lover appear indicates a subconscious comparison by a woman of both partners.

The image of a married lover is interpreted by the dream book as the danger of becoming a victim of insidious intrigues and unflattering plans, of being deceived by a man who pretends to be another person. In reality, meeting with a married guy, the image of the family is interpreted as a desire to be on the spot of his spouse, repel and take the man away from the family.

To see a lover’s wife in a dream signals by a dreambook that the woman realizes her husband’s unfaithfulness. Chatting with her suggests that she will not take any active steps to expose a couple. If there was a quarrel with the spouse of the sexual partner in a dream, it means that soon the meetings with her partner will be revealed and made public.

The clue to dreams about the children of your lover lies in the subconscious of the dreamer. Apparently, the young lady feels remorse about her illegal relationship with a man who has a family.

Sergii Haranenko
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