Lying On The Floor Dream Meaning

Be prepared for a number of troubles of varying significance (from a broken nail to a serious illness) if you happen to lie on the floor in a dream.

If you happened to be on the floor in a dream, this image means that difficult times will come very soon, which will require complete concentration and austerity. In the meantime, the dream book advises a good rest and gathering energy.

To voluntarily lie prone in a dream literally means the desire to retire, withdraw into yourself. Seeing that you fell and remained lying down is a symbol of an unexpected blow, which will deprive you of strength and knock you out of your usual rhythm for a long time.

If you were lying on a very cold floor in a dream, the dreambooks warn about a long and serious illness.

If the whole dream picture was gloomy and dreary, this means that the coming life period will be fraught with bitter losses, waste and disappointment.

If the vision atmosphere gradually become clear and brightened, after a difficult life test happy times will come.

The dreambooks also consider the reason why you were lying on the floor. If you were hiding from someone or something, this means you should not haste and worry. It is better to wait for a more favorable time.

If you just decided to have a rest and lay down on the floor, this plot show that it is inaction that will lead to trouble.

Miller considers that lying on the floor in a dream means that some difficulties will lead you to complete despair. If you had a dream that you were dead, something will make you change your life priorities and change completely.

If you fell and remained on the floor, a reliable and promising business will bring you an unpleasant surprise, which will upset your plans.

If you slipped and flopped on the floor in a dream, then for a certain period you should refuse even a slight risk.

Did you fall out of bed and lie on the floor? You are too relaxed and careless, and this leads to tremendous problems.

The floor in a dream reflects the position in society and family. If you dreamed that you were lying on a dirt floor, you will know humiliation and poverty. A wooden covering promises a disease, parquet - the construction of your own home, and carpet or linoleum warn of dishonest deed.

Strong and clean floorboards guarantee stability and durability of positions, and dirty ones advise you to prepare for bad changes.

If you happened to be lying on the floor in a church, dream interpretation believes that you will have to go through serious life trials to purify your soul.

Sergii Haranenko
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