Morgue Dream Meaning

Dream interpretation considers the morgue one of the most disappointing characters that can only be seen in a dream. Practically all dreams including this institution foreshadows troubles and bad news.

The exception is made for physicians, criminologists, and representatives of other professions who in reality have to visit this place for work. For them, the meaning of a dream is neutral; it is only a reflection of real events.

According to Miller, if you were wandering around the mortuary between the tables with deceased people, hoping to find someone without success, this means that the sad news of someone close to you will plunge you into a state of shock.

Miller considers it a bad sign to see a dream about many dead people in morgue at the same time. This is exactly how many troubles the dreamer will have.

It is also bad to walk along dead bodies in the cold mortuary trying to find an acquaintance among the corpses. You may soon receive news about somebody’s death that will upset you a lot.

When you happen to see the morgue with the dead in a dream, there will be a period of sadness, when the slightest disturbance knocks you out of the rut. You will take every little thing too close.

Being in morgue and seeing corpses in a warning that there is high possibility of some accident now. Financial difficulties, losing cases in court, all sorts of failures are not excluded in your everyday life.

If you had a chance to see a dead man who had come to life in the morgue, who showed aggression towards you, the next day will be unsuccessful from the morning. After sunset, the bad luck streak ends.

Seeing yourself as a deadman in morgue predicts a divorce or relations break-up. If you happen to see yourself in the morgue, but you only pretend to be a corpse, the plot seen in a dream promises adultery.

A person who went through the cheating once and still can not forgive his partner can sometimes see himself in morgue with the dead people.

If you dreamed that you were present at such official procedures as identification or an autopsy, an Esoteric interpretation reports that someone from the previously deceased gives you a sign. Such predictions often serve as warnings. You should be extremely careful in real life.

Participation in the identification predicts the death of a distant acquaintance. This will not be the person you identified in your dream.

If only a building of the morgue appears in a dream, and you pass it by without going inside, the dreambooks promise that possible troubles will also pass you by. The worst thing that can happen in this case is that some events will make you worried, but your fears will be in vain.

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Sergii Haranenko
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