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Mother’s Death Dream Meaning

If your mother is already deceased for a long time, you should remember her actions in a dream in order to get the explanation of the night plot. Sometimes such dream is a sign of need of moral support and care.

If your dead mother stretched her hands to you and called to follow her in a dream, the dream is quite unfavorable. Such plot is a warning about a serious threat. According to Freud, if a girl was talking to her dead mother, this is a sign of hard feeling of guilt that she didn’t pay enough time to communicating with her mom.

It is quite an unpleasant dream to see your mother, who is still alive, dead in your dream. But the interpretation of such plot is not always negative.

According to dreambooks, your mother’s funeral in a dream is a good sign promising her a long life and strong health. If you were present at your mother’s funeral but were worried not about her death, but about the arrangement of the process, such plot indicates that you are paying too much attention to useless and empty deeds that do not bring any profit or satisfaction.

If you had a dream that your mother died but you didn’t see her, this is a warning about getting into a pretty confused situation. You will have to look for the way out of it properly, because it is mostly probable artificially made.

Seeing mother in a coffin in a dream doesn’t have negative interpretation. Since a coffin in a dream represents the end of some stage, this plot can indicate the end of your mother’s financial debts, for example.

If a man saw a dream that his mother drowned, this is a warning that the situation in his business will be bad. He will have to put maximum efforts to keep his business alive.

Your mother’s assassination in a dream has several explanations. First of all, this dream shows your wish to get rid of frames and stereotypes, but only if you were the killer.

If unknown people killed your mother in a dream, you should get ready for a difficult life period associated with deprivation and submission to people whom you dislike.

A dream where your mother fell from height, but survived, is a symbol that you will manage to get out of a difficult situation with dignity.

Sergii Haranenko

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