Number 8 Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of number eight in dreams? If in a dream you hear someone loudly and distinctly naming an address consisting entirely of eights, this means that you are too sorry for yourself and are afraid to live a full life. If you like the voice in a dream, this is a sign that you consider yourself sick and weak, but in reality this is not true. You should check with a doctor, and it is best for you to schedule a visit to the hospital for the 8, 17 or 26.

If in a dream the voice that pronounced number 8 causes horror or anxiety in you, this is a sign that all your illnesses are of a hysterical nature, you inspired yourself that you are sick; and if you are able to convince yourself of the opposite, recovery will come immediately.

If the voice in a dream lisps or whispers number 8, in reality you will have to give up the business that you really like, but there is nowhere to go - you have made an irreparable mistake and now you will have to endure and do nothing for 17 months. The expectation will be especially difficult for you if in a dream the voice somehow highlights the numbers 8, 17, 26 and others from the same series.

If in a dream you give someone an address and especially emphasize intonation the numbers 8, 26, 17, 71 and others, the numbers of which, when added, give an eight, this indicates your spinelessness: you have already forgiven the same person eight times; you entourage his tactless actions, apparently, the sad experience does not teach you anything.

If in a dream you write down your or someone else's address to someone, in reality you will have a new girlfriend or friend who will open new horizons for you and give impetus to self-development. “17” becomes a significant number for you - perhaps this is the number of the house or apartment in which your new friend (or friend) lives, or you will meet on this day.

If in a dream you are walking down the street and you see a house with the number "8" right in front of you, this indicates that in 8 days your project will be approved and you will be able to start the work that you have been preparing for for many years. If you see a house with any other number in front of you in a dream (when adding the numbers of which you will get an eight), this means only half of your expectations will come true: maybe the project or idea will be accepted and approved, but money will be needed to work on them, which you don't have; and you'll have to spend a lot of time looking for it. However, it is good that your ideas will be taken into account by the management and you will be able to move on.

Looking for a house with one of the above numbers for a long time in a dream predicts a nervous breakdown at work. If in the end you go out to the right house and even enter the apartment with the same number, this means that you needed something similar - most likely, your breakdown will help you solve hidden problems and clarify relations with colleagues, clarify matters and bring peace of mind. However, if in a dream you still do not find house number 8, this means your behavior will be regarded by colleagues and superiors as unacceptable and unworthy, and you will be forced to make a public apology or will be severely reprimanded.

Sergii Haranenko
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