Packet Dream Meaning

The bag seen in a dream is compared by a dream book with abundance, the satisfaction of a sleeping person with his position in society, and also serves as a subconscious reminder that you have everything you need - you just need to get it and use it skillfully. Having wondered why the package is seen in a dream, it is important to remember its contents.

To see the package delivered to the dreamer portends a pleasant surprise from meeting with an old acquaintance who lives far away, Miller states. Carrying a heavy packet in a dream predicts the performance of difficult and unpleasant work.

If you dreamed that you had to collect things in a white package for someone, but you dropped it on the way, this means that in reality you will fail in the undertaken business.

Food bags serve as a symbol of prosperity in dreams. Often dreaming of a packet promises communication with a sincere and kind person. To find in a dream a large package of clean and whole buckwheat portends an increase in material well-being. To see a full bag of sunflower seeds in a dream – means resentment, tears, and nervous exhaustion.

Seeing your mother with a package of groceries in her hands means the silent support of the parent. Such a story can serve as a reminder that your parents need your participation and support during a difficult period for them. If you brought a bundle with ripe and large apples or other fruits - expect good news.

Luck and favorable circumstances for life changes are the most popular interpretations of the dream about lard in the package.

Did a young girl dream of a live fish in a plastic bag? The Female dream book promises her mutual love. Seeing fishing net in the water full of fresh fish suggests a profitable purchase.

Buying three fish at the market and carrying them in a packet, in men's dreams is a sign of the goodwill of fate. For women, a similar image speaks about coming pregnancy. If the purchased fish turned out to be rotten, it means that in reality you can become a victim of false information.

Did you dream of a bag of mushrooms? It should be remembered that mushroom products symbolize deceptive desires, haste, and materialistic interests.

Did a young lady see her boyfriend carrying mushrooms in a plastic bag in a dream? Such a dream speaks of the insincerity and frivolity of your partner.

If you saw in a dream a disabled person carrying some kind of parcel in his hands, then you should think about protecting your own interests.

Did you dream that you found a pack of salt? According to Loff's dream book, this image is a harbinger of worries and disappointments.

Did you dream of milk in a pack? It is important to pay attention to the shape of the packaging. So, the milk seen in a rectangular or square pack speaks of the opposition of the interests of the dreamer and his loved one. Milk in triangular packaging warns of aggravation of relations with others.

Tea bags seen in a dream symbolize the need to simplify work by revising your daily routine. Packet coffee reminds you of the promises made that must be fulfilled.

Known for its intimate interpretations, Dr. Freud's dream book compares the dream packet to female genitals. So, to see a pack of juice or other drinks reflects the desire of a sleeping person to have a child. A bag in the hands of a disabled person in a dream – is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

A bag with things and clothes in a dream indicates, according to Freud, the love of showing off your naked body. But picking things into it means a pleasant meeting with an old intimate partner. Seeing fake beads in a bag warns that your partner is looking for entertainment on the side.

A bag of garbage in a dream speaks of diseases of the genitourinary system. The same prediction has a vision in which you happened to lose your packets.

To contemplate a corpse with a package on its head predicts genuine surprise and disappointment. Finding two heads of an animal in a black bag with garbage warns of the need to watch your words. A severed human head in a bag is a clue not to trust your feelings, but to “turn on your brains”.

Have you stolen a bag of money or coins in a dream that turned out to be fake? In reality, you should not trust promises. A dreaming of a snake in a bag reports that your imaginary friends are up to something amiss.

Sergii Haranenko
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