Puddle Dream Meaning

As for a dream in which a puddle appears, the dream books explain what one saw with discontent and fears that the dreamer carefully conceals in real everyday life. Often a dream calls for caution. If the sleeper did not notice how he appeared in the water, his affairs are not going as smoothly as he thinks. Everything related to a frozen puddle in dreams reminds us of the importance of family relationships.

Sometimes a dreamer is warned by the image of a puddle in advance of impending troubles, so that he has a reserve of time to prepare for them and face them fully equipped. This symbol often serves as a sign not to take oneself too seriously, the ability to laugh at oneself has not hurt anyone.

Interpreting what a puddle in a dream means, the dream book draws attention to the purity of its contents or the absence thereof. Dreaming of dirty water often serves as a reminder that it is worth taking care of your reputation.

The Modern dream book believes that a big puddle seen in a dream that is surprising in its size, is a harbinger of reward for previous merits. The dreamer has reason to hope for a decent wage or gratitude for the help provided.

When you happen to fall into a puddle in a dream, this plot means the dreamer risks inadvertently committing an unseemly act, contacting a bad company, and generally behaving inappropriately in every way life in reality.

Everything associated with falling into a puddle in a dream symbolizes future mistakes, which you will have to regret. Knowing his predisposition to making wrong decisions, the dreamer has a chance to minimize them.

If your child fell into a dirty puddle in a dream, the dream is trying to make it clear that your expectations exceed his capabilities. Be patient and do not demand too much from him. Your current annoyance will eventually give way to pride for him.

A pool of water seen in a dream may be a harbinger of tears. Most likely, their cause will be an undeserved resentment or evil gossip behind one’s back. Internal moral readiness for such a turn of events will become your weapon.

When one happens to see a puddle of urine in a dream, the dream book believes that this auspicious sign promises extraordinary luck. It is possible that you will be able to win a really large sum in the lottery or a wish will come true, for the fulfillment of which you did not dare to hope.

Dream Interpretation advises to remain calm, if you dreamed of a pool of blood. A dream only warns of a meeting with someone from direct relatives whom you have not seen for a long time. If you saw someone’s blood on the floor of your house, this person is going to visit you.

A dreaming of deep puddle that you managed to cross without wetting your legs will tell you the optimal path to success in reality. Jumping it over means you will achieve everything on your own. Having crossed it on the plank, you can hope for help of others.

A pool on the floor often reflects your excessive concern about what others think of you, what impression you make on them, whether you burden them with your presence. The dream book assures that you are too biased towards yourself.

A puddle of mud that you saw in a dream warns that your authority is not as unshakable as it seems to you. The dream interpretation believes that now is the time to remind others of your undeniable superiority.

According to the interpretation of the Eastern Dream Book, puddles after rain symbolize the connection of time. The past gradually evaporates under the sunlight, forming a slight haze. The future is behind this veil.

Why does one dream of going through puddles in the rain should be regarded as a reminder that today's carefree life has a flip side: sooner or later it will be time to make up for lost time.

When you happens to run barefoot through puddles enjoying it, a dream bodes simple human joys, the ability to enjoy them and appreciate every moment of bliss.

If you had to go barefoot through puddles in a dream, not of our own free will, but due to circumstances, the dream warns of a future streak of bad luck, which, although it will bring some kind of confusion to the usual way of living, will eventually dissolve by itself.

Since you managed to step into the puddle, the dream book pays attention to its contents. If the water in it is clean enough, the dreamer will have one incident that turns out to be much more positive than it seemed at first glance.

Dreams of washing feet in a puddle often indicates the true cause of many dreamer's troubles: inability or unwillingness to think about the appropriateness and consequences of his actions. Dream Interpretation recommends calculating your steps for at least several moves forward.

When you have to wipe a puddle in a dream, a dream means that the problems of someone close will add to your trouble. The dream interpretation recommends not to spare time for rest, since you will need a lot of strength to withstand the additional untimely load.

If you happened to dream about sitting in a puddle, the Esoteric dream book advises to relate to what you saw in a dream with a share of self-irony. It is possible that you will soon find yourself in an unenviable position. Only a sense of humor will help you get dry out of the water.

If you happen to jump through puddles in a dream, consider that you are very lucky in solving financial issues. The dream book is encouraging that old debts and concerns about the upcoming deal will remain on the shore left in a dream, and you will only have to reap the laurels of commercial success.

Sergii Haranenko
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