Interpretation Of A Dream About Singer

When you see a singer in a dream, remember how he sang and how he looked. A beautiful well-groomed artist with a beautiful voice promises the dreamer good news and prosperity. But if the singer looked messy or funny and terribly false - expect trouble.

If you dreamed that you were in the theater and were listening to the famous opera baritone singing - the interpretation of such dream can be different: either your friends will show ingratitude towards you, or you will be harassed by annoying admirers. But if you really liked the whole performance, and you applauded for a long time and shouted “Bravo!” - start preparing for a series of holidays and fun.

Dreaming of yourself as a famous artist means you pay too much attention to yourself, overestimating your capabilities can lead to trouble, the Moon Dream Book warns.

If you dreamed that you are a famous singer and you perform in a large concert hall - what you hope is unlikely to be fulfilled.

If you have a dream that you are a fashionable performer, beloved by many, and you communicate with your fans - the family lacks your attention, but you do not want to notice problems, believing that everything is in order with you. Be careful as you can lose your family.

Talking with your beloved singer in a dream, giving him flowers, taking an autograph – this means joy and fun will enter your home.

Seeing in a dream that you are talking about something with a famous singer at a reception or social event, this is a symbol of good and pleasant news.

To dream that you are a journalist interviewing a famous artist - in reality this means that you will have success with the opposite sex.

If you dream that you are chatting with a celebrity, like with an old friend - expect that you will be promoted, promises a dream book of Vanga.

If you had a kiss with a famous singer whom you really like in real life - you have many desires, so one of them will come true soon, the Eastern Dream Book predicts.

To marry your beloved singer in a dream means you have a unique opportunity to change your life for the better, without putting much effort.

Falling in love with a pop singer - unexpectedly for you, Fortune will give you its smile.

Having sex with a star - such a dream predicts public shame that will change your life for the worse, suggests Miss Hasse's dream book.

To see a deceased singer alive in a dream - old problems will make themselves felt again. To find a dead man who resembles a popular singer on the doorstep of your home - take care of your nerves, in the near future there will be many people who want to pat them, the Female Dream Book predicts.

If you dream that the singer sings to the soundtrack at a concert - you are inclined to wishful thinking, so you often find yourself in unpleasant situations.

According to Miller’s interpretation of a dream, to see a beloved lady-singer can mean a declaration of love; a popular male singer may be seen in a dream as a sign of a sore throat; and an opera diva might mean deceive and disappoint.

If you dreamed of a young pop star, it means that you are dreaming of having a new romance or making friends with some person. Sometimes the famous singer symbolizes the desire to gain great popularity in your own environment.

If you yourself have become a famous singer or artist, then probably in the depths of your soul talent is ripening of unprecedented power. And this is a sign from above that it is time to move to new heights.

But if you dreamed of an already deceased star, then such a dream, according to the dream book, you must give it a decoding. If you are lucky enough to listen to the songs of a deceased performer, then remember their words. This is a clear clue to current affairs or a warning about future ones.

Hearing hallelujah in a dream is a harbinger of great joy, for which you will praise God. If you sing hallelujah in a dream, this means you will be successful in a large and profitable enterprise.

Sergii Haranenko
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