Abduction Dream Meaning

Dreaming of someone being kidnapped usually indicates the need to change your life priorities. Besides that, such a dream predicts new responsibilities at work or an important meeting.

The abduction in a dream, in the opinion of some dream interpreters, is a powerful symbol which is related to such concepts such as slavery and violence. The person who was kidnapped parted with independence and freedom, completely being at the mercy of other people.

Spiritual meaning of dreams about kidnapping.

In some spiritual traditions, dreams about kidnapping may represent a fear of being taken away from one's spiritual path or losing connection with a higher power. This could be a reminder to focus on spiritual practices such as meditation, prayer, or introspection to stay grounded and connected.

Alternatively, dreams about kidnapping may symbolize a fear of being controlled or manipulated by external forces or negative influences in waking life. This could be a warning to be vigilant and protect oneself from people or situations that could be harmful or detrimental to one's well-being.

Who turned to be the kidnapper in a dream?

  • ex-boyfriend kidnapped someone - predicts an unexpected meeting with a childhood friend;
  • maniac abducted somebody - the emergence of new prospects at work;
  • taxi driver kidnapping a person - is a sign of a business trip.

Dream of being kidnapped by taxi driver.

One possible interpretation of a dream about being kidnapped by a taxi driver is that it represents a fear of losing control or being taken advantage of by someone in a position of authority or trust. This could be a reflection of anxiety or mistrust of strangers or people in positions of power.

Alternatively, the dream could be a manifestation of feelings of being trapped or stuck in a situation, whether it be a job, relationship, or other aspect of life. The taxi driver could represent a symbol of the dreamer's desire to escape or break free from an unsettling situation.

Who was kidnapped in your dream?

  • a loved one kidnapped - a meeting with an old acquaintance;
  • brother kidnapped - financial losses;
  • girl abducted - longing for the old relationship;
  • your beloved kidnapped - sadness;
  • boy kidnapped - changes in your personal life;
  • childhood friend and child kidnapped - the emergence of an influential patron;
  • acquaintance abducted - a useful acquaintance;
  • daughter kidnapped - the loss of a valuable item or documents;
  • baby kidnapped - the end of the period of failures and troubles;
  • friend kidnapped - overcoming financial difficulties;
  • your father kidnapped - positive changes;
  • a bride kidnapped - a new sexual experience;
  • a relative kidnapped - the successful completion of studies;
  • a guy kidnapped - increase of social status;
  • your husband kidnapped - minor troubles;
  • your son kidnapped - problems at work;
  • someone else's child kidnapped - victory over competitors;
  • a stranger abducted - the successful completion of a problematic case;
  • dead man kidnapped in a dream - nostalgia.

What does it mean when you dream about your sibling being kidnapped?

One possible interpretation of a dream about your brother or sister being kidnapped is that it represents a fear of losing a close connection or bond with that sibling. It could also be a manifestation of concerns about their safety or well-being. In this case, the dream may be a message to strengthen your relationship with your sibling and to stay connected and supportive of each other.

Another interpretation of this dream is that it may represent a fear of being unable to protect your loved ones. This could be a reflection of feelings of powerlessness or anxiety in your waking life, particularly when it comes to situations that are out of your control.

If the dreamer helped his captors in the dream, this means he would give some problematic sphere of life in someone’s hands in reality. Another interpretation of such a dream is the subconscious surrender of positions, the feeling of the final loss of independence and control of the situation.

If the dreamer is familiar with the captors it means that the feeling of hopelessness, the fateful trap organized by life doesn’t leave the person. Seeing someone close to you in the role of the kidnapper is the sign of discontent with the widespread control of this person.

Medea relates dreams about kidnapping with a situation when all the dreamer’s tasks will be solved without his direct participation.

Making grand plans for the kidnapping of a famous person is caused by subconscious dissatisfaction with the current situation or social status.

According to Miller, the dream about abduction or kidnapping expresses the fear of the dreamer to make important decisions, shifting the responsibility onto the shoulders of others.

To participate in the kidnapping of a loved one (sister, son or brother) in a dream speaks of unconscious control and custody of your relatives, who are clearly dissatisfied with this state of affairs.

If the dreamer was kidnapping children himself, this image predicts a happy future and a good union. Also to kidnap a child in a dream is explained by the dreamer's desire to start a family.

If a man watched his wife being abducted and didn’t make any attempts to save her, such plots indicates a rival who has all the chances to win his beloved woman.

Worrying about the kidnapping of a younger sister or a child in a dream indicates a moral exhaustion of a sleeper.

Experiencing abduction by aliens in a dream is associated with a sincere desire to radically change the situation, escape from reality and obligations. A modern interpreter associates the dream with a forthcoming unhappy adventure.

If you dreamed that a UFO took away one of your relatives, this means you will have difficulties in communication with this person.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about someone being kidnapped?

  • If you dreamed that you were kidnapped and taken somewhere by car, this means demotion or dismissal.
  • Being kidnapped and beaten - disappointment in a loved one.
  • The whole family got kidnapped - bankruptcy.
  • Sister kidnapped - the appearance of an ill-wisher.
  • The kidnapping of a person and the subsequent exposure mean problems due to a frivolous act.

What are the Top-5 good dreams of somebody's abduction?

  • To dream about how your aunt is kidnapped - the emergence of a new source of income.
  • Participating in the kidnapping of your uncle - getting rid of past grievances.
  • If you dreamed that strangers took a newborn baby out of the stroller, this means happiness in your personal life.
  • If the kidnappers were quickly caught - an interesting find.
  • Abducting a famous person - may mean attending an entertainment event.
Sergii Haranenko
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