Catching The Bride’s Bouquet Dream Meaning

Dreams about a wedding are not always interpreted positively. But the bride’s bouquet is the personification of only the best, both in reality and in a dream. Its meaning may be a little better or a little worse depending on the nuances of the appearance of the wedding attribute in dreams, on your actions with this item and on the emotions that it evokes.

For example, dream books explain why you dream of catching a bride’s bouquet as a manifestation of a girl’s subconscious desire to get married. But not everything is so simple and unambiguous; the meaning of a dream changes under the influence of the details of the event and the personality of the dreamer.

What does it mean to catch a wedding bouquet?

If an unmarried girl dreamed of catching a wedding bouquet, we can safely assume that this lucky person will soon get married. But the fact of the struggle for a floral composition can be interpreted as an achievement of something. Such a dream is considered a sign of a determined nature.

Miller's dream book reports that whoever catches a bride's bouquet in a dream will have a love adventure and the opportunity to meet his destiny in reality. Having seen such a dream, you can make a secret wish - it will certainly come true.

    If you dreamed that you were catching the bride’s bouquet, the interpretation of the dream, depending on the outcome of the event, looks like this:
  • You fought for a bouquet in the company of other girls, successfully grabbed the flower arrangement, and held it tightly in your hands - you and your loved one will be lucky to receive a pleasant gift or an advantageous offer. Sometimes such a dream can foreshadow a meeting with an old acquaintance after many years of separation.
  • You deftly caught the flowers, but gave them to the girl sobbing next to you - this dream speaks of your careless attitude towards what you have (you will have to repent of this soon). Your relationship with your loved one is in danger of breaking down. To maintain your happiness, you should look at life differently.
  • You dreamed that someone was throwing a wedding bouquet, but you couldn’t catch the flowers (maybe you didn’t even try to catch them) - a harbinger of a major quarrel with your partner over everyday life.
  • A successfully caught bouquet was snatched right out of your hands - this disappointment in a dream speaks of an insecure social position. Get ready for increased competition from ill-wishers. Their actions may have a negative impact on their reputation.
  • You fought for the bride's bouquet at a wedding - this is a warning that in reality you will have a rival, whom you will be able to get rid of if you want and have enough diligence.
  • You tried to jump higher to grab the desired flowers - in the Eastern dream book there is a wonderful forecast for you: in reality you will achieve the desired results.
  • If the caught bouquet from the newlywed withers in your hands, this is a sign that you are about to have a serious quarrel with your loved one. Be patient and show maximum loyalty, because a conflict can provoke separation from your betrothed.

If flowers flew straight into your hands, although you didn’t even try to catch them, this is a very favorable sign. In reality, you will be able to overcome all your rivals in the fight for the heart of the desired man. If you are married, and in a dream you rejoice at a randomly received bridal bouquet, this means that your husband loves you very much and will always be faithful to you.

Throwing flowers symbolizes failure. Pay more attention to the safety of your finances and material assets. Someone from your inner circle is going to deceive you - think about how exactly this can happen. In addition, do not get involved in risky projects and adventures related to money (at least in the near future).

Spontaneously dropping a caught bouquet in a dream is also an unkind sign. The chosen path is wrong, therefore, despite your great efforts, you will not be able to complete your undertaking. Do something that will bring success.

Holding flowers in your hands is a very good sign of love and harmony in the dreamer’s life. It is possible that your loved one will soon propose marriage to you.

If you had to catch a bride’s bouquet that consisted of dried flowers or synthetic flowers, this is a bad omen, warning of old diseases. You should not delay your visit to the doctor so as not to increase your health problems. After consulting a specialist, start strengthening your immune system.

If you caught a flower arrangement that was distinguished by a variety of elements, this is a hint from the Higher Powers that a fateful acquaintance is ahead, so do not refuse to be in the company of friends and colleagues.

If in the caught bouquet there were no other flowers except white ones, this is a sign of strong friendship. Sometimes after such a dream you can expect offers of mutually beneficial cooperation or useful acquaintances.

Sergii Haranenko
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