Fleas Dream Meaning

Interpretation of dreams about fleas is initially determined by the person they have occupied. Seeing fleas on yourself in a dream means you will be harmed. If you dreamed of fleas on someone else, especially if he turned out to be a good friend of yours, the dream books expose the unreliability, the falsity of the character.

Dreaming of fleas usually predict a nervous breakdown or unjustified risk. Besides that, such a dream may predict receiving good news.

You should take into consideration who was harmed more: the dreamer or the annoying insects. The fleas’ bites predict pain or vexation, and the sight of dead fleas is a sign of disease.

If you saw an unknown person and there were a number of fleas on him, Miller suggests that there will be an angry conversation with a colleague. If you dreamed of a lover with fleas, there will be information about his betrayal soon.

To examine your interlocutor suspiciously, looking for at least one flea is an action that betrays your ingenuity. It is no longer a secret that you are being lied to. About the same speak a dream about scratching blisters from bites - someone will arrange a real setup.

Even if you managed to crush or eat a flea in a dream, you should still be ready for troubles. Miller interprets eating a flea as a symbol of family scandal.

    Where did you see the fleas in a dream?
  • seeing fleas on the floor - meanness from competitors;
  • fleas in the dreamer's head - receiving news of the death of a loved one;
  • dream about fleas on the legs - concern for the health of children;
  • fleas on the body in a dream - the need to do an unloved thing;
  • seeing fleas on a person - a fun pastime;
  • dream about fleas on the hand - great surprise.
    Since the bedbugs and lice bite and suck blood, the interpretations of their intrusiveness are very similar. The dreambooks give short interpretations of dreams about other insects:
  • Redhead bedbugs mean you will be exploited, Vanga thinks.
  • Finding bugs in the bed - the spouse will cheat on you.
  • Bugs crawling on the bed, on the pillow - the disease will be cured.
  • Moth - children will be harmed.
  • Crushing the bug - sexual abuse is threatening your children.
  • Lice on your head - Islamic dreambook prophesies poverty.
  • Combing out white nits – anxiety will embrace you.

If you walk on sand or ground in a dream, and suddenly you find hordes of black earthen fleas on your feet, then the old misfortunes will seem like a trifle. From now on, get ready for a war with officials who will “help” the business with prohibitions and restrictions.

If you see a number of fleas on your arms and you can not catch them, this means that handicraft work will not work out - perhaps the tool will break and you will not be able to quickly restore it. The dreambook notes: if fleas jump all over your body and even bite you painfully, you need to look after your health, it is clearly undermined.

    Animals with fleas seen in a dream bring prosperity. But much depends on how much the pet suffers from the blood suckers parasitizing on it. The meanings of some plots are given below:
  • A cat with fleas represents a desire to interfere with other people's affairs.
  • A kitten bitten by fleas - secret and dangerous children's pranks.
  • A dog caught a flea - wealth.
  • Dog screech because of the bites - envy of someone else's win.
  • Stray puppy - appearance of a rich buddy.

As for flea extermination, although the massive death of the elusive bloodsuckers is a bad foreboding, and close viewing of a dead flea means a threat to life, some interpretations sound very encouraging.

A dreambook predicts to a woman armed with an insecticide: she will be able to take revenge over the gossips that have spoiled her mood in reality. And for a man a dream means the likelihood of receiving unplanned profits - this can be a gain, an inheritance, a find.

    What are the Top-5 negative fleas dream meaning?
  • If you dreamed that fleas bite hard, this means the intrigues of ill-wishers.
  • Crushing fleas in a dream means a little trouble.
  • Catching a flea - deception on the part of the dreamer.
  • Fleas and lice on the hair speak of the need to see a doctor.
  • Dream about fleas and nits - minor troubles.
    What are the Top-5 positive dreams about fleas?
  • Removing fleas from a dog promises a way out of a predicament.
  • Seeing a whole brood of parasites in a cat is a sign of new acquaintances.
  • Many fleas in a kitten - means replenishment in the family.
  • Killed flea in a dream - reconciliation after a quarrel.
  • Small fleas - pride for the success of children.
Sergii Haranenko
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