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Red-haired Girl Dream Meaning

A dream about red-haired girl symbolizes the joy and mischief inherent in the nature of the lady-dreamer. According to Miller, a nice-looking red girl in a beautiful outfit predicts joy.

If you dreamed of copper-colored curls or a freckled face, this is a sign of a carefree life. A girl in a dream means innocence and naivety.

    The interpretation of dreams about ginger girls vary depending on her age:
  • to dream of a baby with red hair - happiness and longevity of the family;
  • a girl of toddlers entered your house - wait for noisy guests;
  • if you dreamed of a first grader with red hair - inquisitiveness will play into your hands;
  • a teenage girl with a fashionable copper hairdo promises a pleasant pastime.

According to the Lunar dreambook, the newborn red-haired baby in your arms predicts the following: the marriage will start “playing” in a new way, you will feel yourself as teenagers just in love with each other.

If a little, just born, red-headed baby was your daughter in a dream is a sign of appearance of new notes in the sexual life, the Eastern dreambook predicts. If the lady-dreamer herself was lying in someone’s hands as a red-haired girl, she will have to be cunning to get what she wants.

According to Preacher Loff, if a ginger girl was talking to you about something, this is a symbol of big money. If a curly red-haired girl was crying, you should check your feminine health. If such a girl was laughing, you will get widely famous.

If you see a red-haired little girl dancing to perky music, this is a sign that you behave very defiantly, do not be surprised if your partner is jealous of you.

A beggar child is a very unpleasant sight. To see this image in a dream is considered a bad sign, because it predicts a collapse of hopes and illusions. A dream about beggar child with freckles and red hair predicts sorrows because of the impossibility of the desired. If a red-haired girl with freckles on her face and body asked you for a pittance, there will be the difficulties with money.

If you took a homeless red-haired child from the street, brought her home, fed and washed, this plot is a favorable sign promising growth of welfare.

Sergii Haranenko

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