Gasoline Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about petrol? To see gasoline in a dream or to smell it – is a sign of surprises and not always pleasant one, the dream books interpret. Let's figure out what is the matter, and when to be prepared for troubles so that they do not catch you by surprise.

To dream that you stopped at a gas station because your car ran out of fuel – means you should be prepared for unexpected events along the way, Miller's dream book predicts.

If you had a dream that you are refueling a car while working as a petrol pump attendant at a gas station, this means someone will need your help in a very unusual matter.

If you dreamed that you refueled your car and, carried away, doused everything around with gasoline - in reality, unpleasant events await you. They will not bring big problems, but they will make you worry.

To dream about a huge puddle of petrol near a gas station means you need to moderate your temperament, you are too hot-tempered. This can harm you, Vanga's dream book predicts.

If you had a dream that you are wiping off the paint with gasoline, with which everyone around you smeared when you painted the doors – means you will have to make a decision about an extraordinary act in order to get rid of trouble.

In a dream, you were able to light a fire only when you poured liquid fuel on the wood - if you show aggression and incontinence at work, this will lead to an "explosive" situation.

Fueling a lawn mower or other home fuel unit is a sign that the problems you are facing now cannot be solved by you alone.

If you dreamed that you spilled gasoline by pouring it into a canister to your neighbor, this is a sign of financial losses. You should refrain from expensive purchases and unnecessary spending in the near future.

If you dreamed that you witnessed how a gas station exploded - be attentive to your health, especially to the nervous system.

A dream in which you are stuck in your car off the beaten path because you run out of gasoline in your tank means that in real life you will do an act for which you will be ashamed.

In a dream, a fire started in the house due to spilled fuel – means the goals that you set for yourself cannot be achieved with the means that you use. If you want more, you need to change your profession.

If you really want to smoke in a dream, but you have no matches, and the lighter has run out of gasoline, this is a sure sign you devote too much time to your look. It's good to be beautiful, but don't forget about the spiritual dimension of your life.

What does it mean if someone poured petrol on you in a dream? To be doused with gasoline in a dream means the following: for women - the appearance of a new boyfriend or pregnancy; for a man - you need to take care of your reputation competitors, as they are trying to set you up.

If you dream that you have found spilled fuel on your leg or arm - be careful, there is high probability of injury.

To fall under the oil product pouring out of the tank and not being able to get out until it runs out – means you can suffer a lot because of the gossip of enemies and envious people. If you hear false rumors about yourself, do not rash making excuses; this will only aggravate the situation.

If you dreamed that fuel got into your mouth or eyes - do not believe what you see or hear in the near future, you may be deceived, Miss Hasse's dream book advises.

Sergii Haranenko
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