Easter Eggs Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about Easter eggs? Most often, their appearance in a dream predicts the receipt of necessary assistance, and also marks the respect of others and the joy that children give. In more detail, the dream book will tell about other interpretations.

The dream book recommends starting the interpretation of a dream with consideration of the main image. The egg is generally recognized as a symbol of the origin of life itself, carries information about the revival and renewal.

In addition to this, Easter eggs symbolize the infinity of being, the immortality of the soul, and in a more specific case - longevity.

Seeing chicken dyed eggs in a dream means that you will succeed if you do not take obviously risky steps in relation to some business. Chicken Easter eggs mark the beginning of a life phase that will bring important thought and valuable gain.

Did you have a dream about a big basket in which the painted chicken eggs lay? The dream book promises that in reality a number of commercial transactions will bring great benefits.

And to see a dream about quail Easter eggs – predicts a gift or a modest inheritance that relatives will leave you.

Why do you dream that you happened to paint Easter eggs personally? This is a symbol of the fact that an easy but low-paying job is to be done.

According to the dream book, the painting Easter eggs also promises small success, which you will get almost effortlessly.

Did you dream that you painted the eggs right before the holiday and you were late? Perhaps there will be a quarrel over a trifle in the house.

If you dreamed that you were lucky to paint eggs in golden color, this means in real life a period of complete harmony and happiness is coming. Dream Interpretation recommends to make a fulfilled wish after waking up, and it will come true.

    What it means if you painted Easter eggs in different colors?
  • In black - predicts bad luck, losses.
  • In green - gaining hope, money, a successful trip.
  • In pink - triumph, fun.
  • In red - the embodiment of ideas.
  • In yellow - sign of envy.
  • In orange - a favorable outcome.
  • Into dark brown - means troubles.

What else do Easter eggs represent in dreams? Dream Interpretation is sure that this is a sign of profit. Eating Easter eggs in a dream is a symbol of enjoyment and earthly pleasures.

To receive Easter eggs as a gift in a dream means to acquire good comrades. To give colored eggs to someone is a symbol of benefit. But to lose them in a dream literally means that part of the trouble will pass by.

Sometimes the painted Easter eggs give an interpretation of the development of love relationships. If you dreamed that you ate eggs without limits, this means your love is in danger.

If you were looking for hidden Easter eggs in a dream, then it's time to do an active search for your soul mate. If you found them, this means you are already loved. If Easter eggs have been presented to you, then get ready for a declaration of love.

Why do you dream of multi-colored shell left over from eggs? Seeing it means that a certain business, event or stage of life has come to an end. After such a dream, the dream book advises you to think about changes in your own character and life, and in fact - finally come out of the shell.

Here you can find real-life omens and superstitions about eggs and eggshell.

Sergii Haranenko
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