Meeting Dream Meaning

Scheduled dates, unexpected meetings with those whom we see every day and with whom it is impossible to see in reality - what do they symbolize in dreams? These images and situations require investigations in dreambooks.

If you dreamed of meeting with old friends, it is likely that something similar awaits you in reality. In any case, the General Dream Book advises preparing for the meeting of guests.

If you saw your lady-friend in a dream, you will soon find out fresh gossip, meeting with a male friend – the dream book of Simon Kanaite states that unexpected joy awaits you. In general, a meeting with a man is more favorable; it usually promises success in business or at work.

A spiritual connection with a best friend is so strong that the long-awaited meeting with him in a dream is most often carried out in reality; often even the situation or phrases are repeated.

The dreambooks interpret why you dream of a meeting with a just an acquaintance (female) - here the interpretation depends on whether it was pleasant. If you talked kindly and cheerfully - you will be pleased with the household, if the gathering left a heavy aftertaste - you have to reconsider your plans and fulfill what you promised a long time ago, otherwise your conscience will be tormented.

Seeing your childhood friends in a dream portends the infantility of behavior and the naïveté of judgments that do not suit an adult. Try not to allow superficial evaluations, do not make hasty decisions “hot-headed”. Perhaps you are not in the best shape right now and it makes sense to turn to old friends for support.

Why do you dream of a gathering with classmates? It speaks about possible trials. Esoteric dream book indicates that you will have to pay now for your mistakes as a child.

If the conversations with classmates were formal or unfriendly in a dream – this means you will be able to get out of an awkward situation. If old school friends were cheerful and teased the dreamer, he would have a hard time.

If you dream of rushing to a high school reunion, this means that most likely, the time has come when you are satisfied with your achievements and dream of public recognition.

Dreambook of Tsvetkova notes that the conversation with classmates seen in a dream by today's schoolchildren does not have prophetic significance, and for those who graduated long time ago, it is a reflection of nostalgia for a carefree childhood.

If you dreamed about arranging a gathering with fellow students in a dream – this means a person is waiting for high position, he will meet interesting people.

According to Miller’s dream book, arranging a rendezvous with a loved one in a dream for young people is disappointing; it predicts cooling of feelings. However, with regard to the girls, one can notice: they are so immersed in romantic fantasies that a dream date with a young man is an echo of real love dates for them.

For mature people, the dream is positive. A meeting with a loved one prophesies a woman's well-being, which will contribute to the upcoming successes in business. Interviewers predict for a man who dreamed of meeting a girl who had captured his attention a long time ago: she would accept his invitation in real life.

A meeting with an ex beloved is often interpreted as regret for parting and a desire to return the past. The image of the ex-boyfriend warns of surprises, meeting with him may portend an unexpected meeting in reality.

If you dreamed that the former guy was asking for forgiveness - he actually regrets the breakup. It is a bad sign, if he is trying to regain your liking - this bodes trouble. To be able to refuse a former guy a dream means willingness to start a new relationship without regret about the past.

Why do you dream of encountering your ex-girlfriend? Freud's dream book says: feelings have not died out, moreover, the dreamer can restore close relations with her. The interpreter Hasse warns: If you dreamed of meeting an ex-girlfriend and quarreling right there, this is a sign that a trick can be expected from a trusted person.

Dream Interpretations are unanimous in that seeing a dead man predicts health problems. To remove the negative impact, you should visit the grave or commemorate the deceased.

Talking with deceased relatives is regarded as a manifestation of longing for the departed. If a woman saw her dead husband - she is not ready for a new relationship, if she met her dead father - the dreamer hopes for support, but is able to cope with difficulties on her own.

It is believed that whoever you saw in a dream it is, first of all, a date with yourself.

Why do you dream of meeting a celebrity? Suddenly encountering your idol – means the dreamer's path to fame will be too long. To see the president in a dream means getting acquainted with a popular and influential person.

A dream about meeting God is a symbol of painful dependence on a powerful woman.

Suddenly seeing someone on a plane or train – the dream books predict news, a sudden turn of events. The failed meeting is an echo of constant concern that there is something not done in time.

To encounter with someone on the stairs portends movement along the career ladder, but if a person interferes with you in a dream, Miller’s dream book suggests looking at him as a competitor. Meeting on the bridge is always a symbol of successful completion of business.

A joyful New Year gathering portends wealth growth.

Sergii Haranenko
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