Northern Lights Dream Meaning

The dream books call the image of Aurora Borealis an auspicious symbol. It marks the onset of an excellent period when the dreamer will succeed in everything: business, work, personal life. But also this sign in a dream promises a threat from an influential person. You can find out why a similar plot is seen in a dream on different days of the week with us.

This beautiful natural phenomenon in a dream means very important changes will come in your life. They will most likely be favorable.

The dream interpretation warns of an unusual incident that will greatly surprise the sleeping person if you dreamed about Northern Lights. Perhaps there will be some kind of test for him. However, it will end well.

Why are the Northern Lights seen in a dream? Seeing this image in a dream is a wonderful omen. A favorable time comes for the dreamer. All businesses will be successful - this is a period for new beginnings. But try to plan and calculate them carefully, because even now the hope of a freebie will not come true.

What does it mean if you see only reflections of aurora borealis in a dream - the dreamer is seriously threatened by an influential person in high position. You should try to enlist the support of an equally influential person in order to balance the possible negative consequences.

Why do you dream that the northern lights have blinded you? The dream book warns: in reality you will believe someone's lie or you will fall into a trap skillfully set by enemies. Try to avoid such oversights. If this does happen, think about how to minimize harm.

A dream vision of northern lights also means that the sleeper is dreaming of the impossible, hovering in the clouds - Vanga's dream book says. It's time to really look at things. Perhaps the dreamer will have tender feelings for a person who does not answer him back.

    Many dream books interpret such a vision based on the day when it was seen:
  • from Tuesday to Wednesday - good news will come from your loved ones;
  • in a dream before Thursday - this is a great sign indicating that something pleasant will happen to your children or that they will please you with their actions and intelligence;
  • Did you see the northern lights from Thursday to Friday? A dream portends a happy family life;
  • What is the meaning of a dream before Saturday? It is the best omen for people looking for a career. The vision promises good luck in the professional field, success in moving up the career ladder.

Seeing a dog next to you in a dream when you were admiring this colorful phenomenon means your friend or acquaintance will bring good news.

Northern lights in a dream promises good news in reality. Perhaps the dreamer will find out exactly the news that he is impatiently waiting for. Or he will learn about the successful outcome of a certain case.

A dog or a dog sled seen in a dream when you go and look at the beautiful transfusions of light is an excellent sign, according to the dream book. You have reliable friends, whose help and patronage you can expect in life and in your career.

According to Miller, seeing aurora borealis in a dream means you will meet a person with whom you will start a romantic relationship. It will be a wonderful period, and it depends only on you whether you can keep the magic of your connection over time.

For family people, a dream of the northern lights portends the onset of harmony after some disagreements and misunderstandings between spouses. You and your significant other will delight each other with good agreement and respect for the opinion of the partner.

Sergii Haranenko
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