Man's Hands Dream Meaning

What do male hands represent in a dream? Dreaming of man’s hands predicts a favorable life period. Besides that, such a dream promises gaining high position in society.

Dreaming of your beloved man’s hands promises mutual feelings.

What kind of male hands did you dream about?

  • hairy hands of a man - intrigues from ill-wishers;
  • large man’s hands - mean profit;
  • dirty man’s hands - deterioration in well-being;
  • warm hands of a man - mutual understanding with a partner;
  • muscular mans’ hands - good luck in business;
  • severed man’s hand - means deterioration in well-being;
  • bloody man’s hand - trouble;
  • man’s hand in plaster - an unexpected incident;
  • muscular male arms in a dream - reaching the goal;
  • thin man’s hands - mean performing monotonous work.

What were your actions in a dream?

  • shaking hands with a man - signing a profitable deal;
  • seeing how a man gives his right hand - a pleasant acquaintance;
  • feeling that men's hands hug you - achieving the goal;
  • hugging a man and stroking his hands may mean a happy relationship;
  • kissing man’s hands - means vain hopes;
  • breaking a hand of a man - parting with loved ones;
  • hurting a male’s hand - sign of danger;
  • getting them dirty - a humiliating situation.

Who dreamed about hands of a man?

  • unmarried girl - the appearance of a fan;
  • a married woman - promotion;
  • dream meaning for a man - profitable cooperation.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams about man’s hands?

  • Bandaged male hands speak of an exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Calloused hands of a man - predict demotion.
  • Bound man’s hands - means committing a bad deed.
  • Kissing the hands of a stranger - gossip.
  • Chopping off some man’s hands - trouble.

What are the Top-5 positive male hands dream meanings?

  • Well-groomed hands of a man in a dream promise wealth.
  • Tanned man’s hands - pleasant chores.
  • Man’s hand stained with ink - profit.
  • Seeing how the man's hands turned black - family well-being.
  • Swollen man’s hands - may mean solving the problem.

According to Miller's dream book, man's hands seen in a dream speak of deception by a loved one.

    Other interpretations by Miller:
  • beautiful male hands - the appearance of an influential patron;
  • mutilated man’s hands - the loss of a large amount;
  • burned hands of a man - losing the dispute.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream may portend changes in personal life. Holding a guy by the hands and talking to him is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

According to Vanga's dream book, seeing man's dirty hands in a dream predicts betrayal.

Sergii Haranenko
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