Needles In The Body Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you dream about needles in your body? Seeing needles in one’s body in a dream predicts returning a stolen thing and difficulties on your way to the goal. Besides that such a dream promises faithful friends who will help you in the future.

Seeing needles in your own body in a dream symbolizes a quarrel with loved ones.

A dream about needles in the child’s body predicts the visit of relatives.

What did you do with the needles in a dream?

  • seeing needles with blood in the body - means employment for an interesting job;
  • sticking needles - arranging a major event;
  • pulling needles out - minor troubles;
  • piercing someone with needles - causeless fear;
  • pricking with needles - means trouble at work;
  • pulling needles out of the foot, and then throwing them away - to negative changes in life;
  • seeing how the needles get deep into the body - a passionate but short romance;
  • removing needles from the body and spitting teeth out of the mouth - means misfortune;
  • pricking with a cactus and then pull the thorns out of the palm - an accident;
  • putting your hands in your pockets and piercing your palm with a needle - fear of responsibility;
  • seeing how a long needle passes through a finger - a joyful event;
  • cutting off a piece of a needle that sticks out in the body with scissors - means improving your professional reputation;
  • stretching out hand, which is studded with needles to a colleague - creative inspiration;
  • lying on the bed and poking needles in the body - reduced efficiency;
  • seeing how a stranger pokes needles into the body of another person - a valuable find;
  • squeezing needles out of your body - means that health problems are expected due to reduced immunity;
  • a broken arm covered in needles speaks of strong feelings.

In which body part did you see the needles in a dream?

  • needle in the head - the need to communicate with a two-faced person;
  • needle in the leg - tedious worries;
  • needle in hand - the emergence of a new hobby;
  • needle in the mouth - nervous exhaustion;
  • needle under the skin - problems at work;
  • needle in the body of another person - the betrayal of a loved one;
  • ovaries pierced with needles - receiving a household injury;
  • needle in your feet - the fulfillment of desire;
  • heel pierced with a needle - harmony in relations with family members;
  • head crown pierced with needles - betrayal by a friend;
  • needles in one’s fingertip - failure;
  • needles in the palms of the left and right hands - the need to make a difficult choice or a creative idea.

Where did you pull the needles from in a dream?

  • pulling needles out of the throat - a quiet life;
  • pulling needles out the gums - a quarrel with distant relatives;
  • getting needles out the stomach - deception on the part of a loved one;
  • taking out needles from your teeth - the help of friends in a difficult situation;
  • pulling needles out of the face - unplanned repairs in the house;
  • pulling needles from the nose - achieving your goals;
  • pulling needles out of the finger - the child's illness;
  • pulling needles from the heel - moving to another city;
  • pulling needles out of the back - good news;
  • pulling needles from the neck - the appearance of envious people.

Dream meanings depending on the kind of needle.

  • a splinter in the body - trouble;
  • a nail in the body - unjustified anxiety;
  • a syringe stuck in your body - a family conflict;
  • a needle with black thread in your body - a profitable offer from a competitor;
  • seeing an awl in someone’s body - performing difficult work;
  • fir tree needles stuck - an invitation to a corporate party;
  • iron needles in the body - problems due to self-confidence;
  • rusty needles in one’s body - deception by a business partner;
  • tailor's needle piercing someone - a sea voyage;
  • body pierced with poisoned needles - trouble at work;
  • dental needles sticking from some body part - unreasonable anxiety;
  • needles for stretching the rubber band - the emergence of a serious competitor at work.

What are the Top-5 adverse dreams about needles in the body?

  • Pulling a needle out of a leg in a dream speaks of a long separation from a loved one.
  • Getting a needle from the tongue predicts the betrayal of a friend.
  • Sticking a needle in your ear - warns of gossip of colleagues.
  • Threading a needle and getting pricked - means separation from relatives.
  • Seeing how a needle stuck in a child's head - worries about the health of one of the family members.

Here are the Top-5 favorable needles in the body dream meanings.

  • Dreaming of piercing hands with needles until they bled is a sign of successful investment.
  • Legs pierced with needles - a sign of an important contract.
  • Getting a syringe needle from the buttocks of a stranger - promises travel.
  • Pulling a sewing needle out of your thigh means a pleasant surprise.
  • Getting needles and pins from the navel - symbolizes recovery.
Sergii Haranenko
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