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Pentagram Dream Meaning

What is pentagram spiritual dream meaning and symbolism? When you dream about pentagram, this may predict appearance of a reliable friend. Besides that such a dream means self esteem decline.

If you dreamed about the devil’s pentagram, this is a sign of gossip. A burning pentagram in a dream warns about danger.

    The dreambooks decipher pentagrams depending on the image details:
  • dream of pentagram on the ground - predicts poverty;
  • seeing a pentagram on the hand - means well-being improvement;
  • pentagram on the body in a dream - warns about unfair criticism;
  • seeing a pentagram in a circle - symbol of deception;

dream about a pentagram at your home - is a warning about a fire or robbery.

Drawing a pentagram in a dream symbolizes success in creativity.

Some dreambooks consider that if a woman has a dream about pentagram, this may indicate health issues.

According to Miller, calling Satan with the help of a pentagram is a dream predicting an accident.

Sergii Haranenko

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