Magic Dream Meaning

What is the magic spiritual dream meaning? When you dream about magic, this image predicts you will be popular with the opposite sex. Magic in a dream may also indicate your doubts about the correctness of the choice you made.

    What were you doing in a dream of magic?
  • doing magic - means unpleasant communication with relatives;
  • using magic - means getting rid of bad habits;
  • to study black magic in a dream - predicts getting a new job;
  • to carry out a magic ritual with a sorcerer - means deception on the part of a loved one.

If you were doing magic with your hands in a dream, this plot may predict change of work or profession.

    Who was practicing magic in your dream?
  • your rival doing magic – warns about a dangerous situation on the road;
  • a sorceress - means active rest;
  • a teacher using magic – improving one’s well-being;
  • gypsies using magic – means success in business.

Dreaming of angry magic may mean appearance of faithful friends.

If someone was practicing magic in the house, this plot predicts conflicts with dear people.

If a married woman dreamed about using magic, this image may predict a visit of an unexpected guest.

    Top-5 negative dreams about magic:
  • Defending against an evil sorcerer with magic predicts divorce.
  • Conducting a ritual of black magic means a vain effort.
  • Reviving the dead with the help of superpowers - means loneliness.
  • Chaos magic - means fearing the future.
  • If you dreamed of how a wizard casts a spell with a ring, this means sad events.
    What are the Top-5 positive magic dream meanings?
  • The magic of the elves means a dream come true.
  • Dragons’s magic - predicts a wedding coming soon.
  • Finding a magic book and conjuring on it in a dream - means favorable changes in your personal life.
  • Summoning a magical creature with the help of magic - means receiving a useful gift.
  • Learning magic from an evil sorcerer - promises the emergence of a new source of income.

According to Miller's dream book, magic in a dream speaks of meeting an old acquaintance.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream may portend the emergence of a new hobby.

If a woman was attracting man’s attention with the help of magic, this means she will receive a friend’s support in need.

According to Vanga's dream book, a dream about magic can mean a desire to restore a reputation.

According to Tsvetkov's dream book, such a dream foreshadows a sad event in the family.

Hasse's dream book considers that magic in dreams speaks of committing an irreparable mistake. Nostradamus thought that magic dreams will bring successful solving of an old problem.

Sergii Haranenko
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