Run Away From Dog Dream Meaning

A four-legged friend symbolizes friendship and sincere relationships, so night visions involving an angry or aggressive dog are of particular interest to most people. In turn, running from a dog in a dream is often an omen of imminent life changes, possible problems or internal anxieties.

For a correct interpretation, you should take into account the gender of the sleeping person, and also try to remember the details associated with the dog - its appearance, size and behavior.

Dream of running away from a dog - general interpretation

A dog's attack often promises a coming fight with a serious enemy, but the dreamer has a great chance of winning. In order for the conflict to be resolved in your favor, you should show determination and not show your fear to your opponent.

    The interpretation of the dream may change depending on the following details:
  • The pet attacks you, showing playfulness - means an unexpected but pleasant meeting with old friends. Such a dream may indicate a coming resolution to a long-standing conflict or the successful completion of affairs at work.
  • The dog’s aggressive behavior warns of a bad streak at work or a serious conflict with a loved one. Try to contain negative emotions; otherwise a scandal may cause a break in relationships for many years.
  • A dog chases you and barks loudly - a sign of gossip that could worsen the dreamer’s reputation. You should identify gossipers in a timely manner, otherwise you risk losing your job or worsening your relationship with your significant other or close friend.
  • A stray dog runs after you and asks for a treat - this means a salary increase or additional profit. In the near future, it is recommended to take on new projects boldly - your ambitions will be met with praise from the boss and will lead to a well-deserved promotion up the career ladder.

If in a dream you drove the dog away from you and did not receive any wounds, this means you will be able to cope with the difficulties that arise without much effort and the help of other people.

Feeling sharp pain after being bitten by an attacking dog is a sign of a conflict related to a money issue. This scandal can cause the end of a friendship - to avoid such an outcome you should show restraint and common sense.

If a dog bites your skin until it bleeds, problems will arise in life due to the fault of family members. Try to find a solution without showing aggression and blaming them, since they made a mistake due to rash actions and repent of their misconduct.

Breed of the dog chasing you

    The breed of the four-legged friend, from whom the dreamer is running away as fast as he can, will help give a more precise formulation to the night vision:
  • lap dog - help will come from close friends;
  • greyhound - a change in the field of activity or a coming relocation;
  • bulldog - achieving success and recognition through hard, long work;
  • hound - attacks from a competitor and strong resentment towards loved ones;
  • Great Dane - predicts a long-awaited meeting with an old friend;
  • pug - a lot of household chores;
  • Shepherd - providing protection to someone weaker;
  • poodle – means meeting an influential person.

Appearance of the dog chasing you

    The appearance and color of the dog can also change the meaning of night vision:
  • An attack by a rabid dog means unfounded accusations against the dreamer of something he actually did not do. You should not take what is happening close to your heart - dear people will not believe the rumors and will support you.
  • Running around the apartment from your own dog means strong envy coming from friends. Untimely identification of these people can lead to betrayal, which will unsettle the dreamer for a long time and kill his trust in people.
  • An emaciated and dirty dog warns of the need to pay attention to your own health. Soon the sleeper may become very ill in real life. In addition, during this period there will be a bad streak at work, which could cause a demotion or even dismissal.
  • Running away from a dog covered in blood means deterioration in the physical and moral condition of the dreamer or one of his relatives. Also, such a dream warns of the risk of an accident, so it is necessary to avoid trips or extreme recreation.
  • A large dog running after you symbolizes a coming acquaintance with an influential patron who can improve the life of the sleeper in all areas of life significantly.
  • A well-groomed and purebred dog running after you promises the onset of a white streak and success in all endeavors. If you are planning to start your own business, look for another job, or offer your boss ideas aimed at increasing the company’s income, feel free to get down to business.

Symbolism of running away from animals in a dream

Children often have such dreams. This is usually a reflection of a deep-seated fear of a particular animal species. However, such a dream can reveal your fears and concerns that are completely unrelated to the animal world. Try to determine exactly what animal is chasing you and in what situations in your life you have encountered it.

For example, one of your relatives, whom you, frankly speaking, do not like, had a German shepherd - and now you dream about how this dog is chasing you. This may indicate your relative's desire to receive more attention and recognition from you, or it may substantiate your fears and worries about this person.

If you often compare people with animals, thus characterizing their most remarkable qualities, the image of an animal in a dream becomes all the more eloquent.

Sergii Haranenko
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