Interpretation Of A Dream About Killing A Dog

Killing somebody dog

The interpretations of dreams about killing dogs vary; some dreambooks consider this a bad sign promising troubles and financial losses. But sometimes this plot brings victory over enemies and luck fighting against difficulties. Dogs in a dream usually symbolize your friends so even after waking up you may feel an unpleasant aftertaste of the dream. This dream often warns about betrayal.

Seeing a killing of a dog that attacked you, means that your ill-wishers are planning a plot against you and will attack soon. But you will be able to fight back and reduce the damage from their attack. If you managed to strangle a mad dog who attacked you with your bare hands, this dream promises a profitable contract, realization of your plan or improvement of your financial situation. It is important to evaluate the situation correctly and consider your each step.

    If you killed a dog with a knife by accident, unpleasant events are waiting for the dreamer and his family. If you saw a dog killing on purpose, you may lose all your finances. If you dreamt about killing your own dog, this dream means you will have a long-lasting conflict with one of your relatives or friends. It is better to find consensus. Depending on the manner of killing you can interpret this unpleasant dream:
  • killing by accident – sudden difficulties and obstacles, you will not be able to fulfill your beginnings;
  • cold-blooded killing – you will have a period of failures that can end with depression;
  • defending yourself in a dream – your enemies are making intrigues but you will be able to reveal them;
  • poisoning on purpose – somebody will propose you to take part in a very reprehensible deal.

Some dreambooks think that it is a positive sign to kill a dark dog, you will have pleasant surprises and valuable presents. If the dog in your dream was skinny, you will be successful in business. A small dog symbolizes small non-important obstacles; a big one warns you about ill-wishing acquaintances.

Sergii Haranenko
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