Mad Dog Dream Meaning

A mad dog seen in a dream usually warns about troubles, machinations of enemies, slander and gossip. The interpreters consider such symbol an unfavorable sign promising financial difficulties and health problems. However, you should also consider the positive interpretation of such dream if you managed to drive away the mad dog or kill it.

The plot of a rabid dog in a dream warns: the dreamer will make every effort to achieve the goal, but will fail.

This image warns: someone will be very angry with the dreamer and he will have to make a lot of effort to restore the old relationship.

If the mad dog was chasing you in a dream, it is a sign of hard struggle, so you need to gather all the forces and will to resist the difficulties.

If the mad dog rushed at you and bit, this means that the commercial venture that you planned will fail because of your own short-sightedness.

A dream about rabid dog biting the dreamer or a member of his family is quite unfavorable. The plot predicts health deterioration and mental problems. A severe infectious disease is also possible.

A plot about mad dog biting also means that you should not wait for reconciliation with opponents, there is only struggle ahead (overt or covert).

To chase it away in a dream means you will get good news. And to kill a mad dog is a very favorable sign. The dream interpretation is encouraging: the problems that have arisen will be solved by themselves, and also the dreamer will be able to neutralize the bad opinion that his enemies spread about him.

Killing a mad dog promises success in financial sphere: your enterprises will bring good profit; it will be possible to sign a profitable contract.

If you revealed rabies at your own dog, this plot warns of a difficult disease in reality. If the dog that used to be very friendly became mad, this image states that a person who pretends to be a friend of yours is waiting for the good time to set you up.

If you got sick with rabies after a bite, the dreambook promises serious difficulties. Neighbor’s mad dog, according to the dreambook, foreshadows misunderstandings, quarrels, conflicts with friends, neighbors, their attacks.

A dream of a mad red-haired dog, rushing at a dreamer, means: one should be wary of the duplicity of his business partners or friends.

A mad dog following you in a dream is a sign of hard times when you will require all your energy to resist the problems.

Sergii Haranenko
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