Interpretation Of A Dream About Getting A Dog

Did you dream about getting a dog? If you decided to get a dog in a dream, this plot predicts getting new responsibilities. Besides that such a dream is a warning about a possible unpleasant acquaintance.

A new pet in a dream promises pleasant cares, a successful venture, new hobbies, favorable circumstances. But sometimes the dream can predict misunderstandings with your spouse or extra household chores. This night plot usually has favorable meaning and predicts guests at your place. You will have a good time with your friends. Getting a dog in a dream can also promise getting ready for a family holiday.

If a married woman saw a dream about getting a dog, this plot can symbolize quarrels with her husband because of misunderstandings between them. If you neglect these little quarrels you can starts a real deep conflict. You will need to show restraint and prudence to avoid quarrels. A young woman seeing this dream can have misunderstandings with her boyfriend, she will have to put some efforts to find a compromise.

If you got a little puppy who was making puddles everywhere, this dream means you will take additional responsibilities and will not even receive any gratitude. If you were walking out your new dog in a dream, this is a symbol of success in your new business project; you will improve your financial situation. Getting a dog of hunting breed predicts the most favorable circumstances.

If you were petting your new dog in a dream, this plot is explained the following way: you will get acquainted with a person whose support in business will help you achieve good results. Besides that he will become a loyal and faithful friend. Miller thinks that if you got a dog of good breed, this is a sign you will be able to make a fortune.

    If you remember the dog’s breed, the dreams interpreters will help you better understand what you saw:
  • Dachshund – be careful, you are being watched;
  • Hound – your enemy will hurt you;
  • Bulldog – you will get success rejecting delusions;
  • Shepherd – you will protect people close to you;
  • Pug – a number of household chores;
  • Lapdog – help from your friends when required;
  • Poodle – you will have a powerful protector;
  • Dog – you will meet a good acquaintance.

If you got a pet from the street, the dream indicates you will help somebody who is weaker than you. This person will become your faithful friend or fall in love with you in response. If your new pet is showing love and affection, this dream means you are not mistaken about your friends: you can always rely on them, them will help you in the moment of need.

    What are the Top-5 negative meanings of dreams about getting a dog?
  • To get a sick dog in a dream is a warning about a possible household injury.
  • If you got an angry dog - this is a sign of communicating with an aggressive person.
  • Wild dog that you decided to have - represents the loss of authority at work.
  • To pick up a dog from the street is a sign of disease.
  • To steal a dog - symbolizes the impossibility of fulfilling your plans.
    Here is the list of Top-5 positive dreams about getting a new dog:
  • To have a purebred dog is a dream speaking of wealth.
  • Getting a hound - is a symbol of a fortunate coincidence.
  • Getting a watchdog - means improvement in living conditions.
  • Seeing how you buy a dog in a dream is a sign of joy.
  • If you take a dog from a shelter - this may predict a trip to another country.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream predicts an increase in income. According to Freud's dream book, a dream of getting a dog is a sign of loyalty and trust in a relationship with a loved one.

Dream about buying a dog meaning.

Buying a dog in a dream usually predicts getting income. Besides that, such a dream may be a warning about a quarrel with your beloved.

A dream about buying a talking dog predicts selling real estate. If you bought a pregnant dog, this is a sign of a short romance.

Purchasing a police dog in a dream predicts the appearance of a rival.

    Is buying a dog in a dream a good or bad sign?
  • Buying a sick puppy in a dream warns of the death of a close relative.
  • Buying a black dog - betrayal by a friend.
  • Buying a dog from a neighbor means problems at work.
  • Buying a dog and leaving it on the street - predicts a serious illness.
  • If you bought and killed a dog in a dream, this is a sign of loneliness.
  • Acquiring a hunting dog is a dream promising a pleasant acquaintance.
  • Purchasing a shepherd in a dream - the emergence of an influential patron.
  • Buying several puppies - salaries increase.
  • Buying a dog from a breeder - pleasant pastime with friends.
  • Buying a dog a dog kennel - victory over the ill-wisher.
Sergii Haranenko
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