Seduction Dream Meaning

What does it mean when we dream about some kind of temptation? We can be tempted not only in reality, but also in a dream. Moreover, the dream book, explaining seduction in dreams, takes into account the final result of the dream. Did you manage to resist the temptation? Or, did you manage to seduce someone?

If you dreamed that you were surrounded by temptations, this plot warns of a dishonest game of a person who will deceive you into an impartial business.

If in a dream, the dreamer coped with himself and overcame the temptation, this means great luck will help him avoid the insidious traps set by enemies. If a young lady is acting as a seductress, this reflects the excessive self-confidence of the sleeping beauty.

For a man who happened to seduce a woman in a dream, the Esoteric dream interpreter indicates the dreamer's tendency to narcissism.

If you dreamed that you succumbed to the seduction of a woman, this means the inability to withstand the hardships and blows of fate. Aesop compares such a plot with weakness in character, insufficient willpower.

The Modern combined dream book is sure that seeing the woman’s seduction and succumbing to lust, speaks of the presence of great potential and strength to resist life's ups and downs and problems.

For women who in a dream happened to seduce the man they liked, the Erotic dream interpreter announces the intention of the woman to belong to one partner.

Seeing the seduction (for a woman), according to the Women's dreambook, means the dreamer's ardent desire to be the main one in the team. You are confident and crave the recognition of others.

For women who dreamed about the seduction of a man, a Modern combined dream book, indicates a subconscious resistance to pressure from others and the partner.

Seeing that in a dream they tried to seduce you into some business warns that in reality someone is trying to deceive you, to drag you into a scam. If you could not resist the temptation, this means you lack cunning and dexterity, both in the love sphere and in the business field.

For a young man, seeing himself in the role of a seducer of a beautiful woman, the Universal dreambook foreshadows the troubles that the dreamer will bring to someone. Perhaps an innocent person will suffer in your dishonest games.

To be a seducer of an innocent girl in a dream heralds the dishonor and deceit of a sleeping person, capable of dishonoring those around him for the sake of his own ego. The dream book gives a similar interpretation to the young lady, explaining why she dreams of flirting with a married guy.

Temptation is identified with a challenge, a desire to gain something, to overcome someone. Denise Lynn advises to go ahead and achieve everything on your own – in this case the victory will be pleasant and complete.

    What were you seduced with in a dream?
  • being tempted with food - speaks of the low moral qualities of the dreamer;
  • with outfits - predicts outdated and "grounded" priorities;
  • seduction with money - is identified with pettiness and commercialism;
  • being seduced with a naked body - predetermines a tendency to addiction.
Sergii Haranenko
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