Swimming With Fish Dream Meaning

If in a dream you had a chance to swim with fish, then, according to the interpretations of most dream books, this means that a number of bright events will take place in your life soon. But the interpreters clarify, before proceeding to decipher what such an occupation means, it is worth clarifying whether the fish were predatory and life-threatening, and also where exactly you swam with them.

Miller's dream book, explaining why there is a dream of swimming with fish in the water that is sparkling in the sun with glare and pleasing to the eye with its purity, assures that this vision means generous gifts of fate. Very soon you will notice that your life has changed for the better, the interpreter pleases.

But swimming with fish in the water and catching them is a symbol of trials through which the dreamer will need to go in order to achieve happiness and harmony.

The Eastern Dream Book speaks about new interesting acquaintances, explaining why the plot is seen in which you swim with exotic fish species of bright colors. The variegated coloring of fish in a dream also speaks of acquaintance with an extraordinary personality. This person will be able to change your views on some things, the dream book assures.

If a young girl dreamed that she was in the water, surrounded by fishes of bright colors, this means meeting a young man who can make her head spin. But for an older woman, swimming with fish in a dream promises a dizzying romance, perhaps even with a foreigner.

The interpretation of a dream in which you swim with big fish in the sea has different meanings, depending on some of the details of the plot.

A dream about swimming in the sea with big fish positively disposed towards you is a symbol of a coming long trip. If you saw in a dream that you were scared to swim with fish, despite the outward friendliness of the sea inhabitants, then the trip promises to be difficult, but exciting, the Wanderer's dream book predicts.

Frolicking in the sea with big fish, without fear and panic in a dream, is a sign that the purpose for which the trip was planned will fully justify itself.

It is very good if you dream about diving with large fish in the pool. According to many dream books, such a dream predicts success in the chosen field.

Remember, if you dreamed that you swam with fish in the pool of your own house, it means that you should not be afraid to start your own business - you will succeed.

But diving and swimming underwater with representatives of the marine fauna in the dolphinarium is a sign of success at wage work.

Do you see in a dream how a dolphin brings you to the surface of the water? This means someone from your colleagues or associates will help you get a promotion.

It is worth being careful when communicating with others if you dreamed that you were swimming with fish under water, moreover, with large individuals who are very aggressive against you, says Pastor Loff's dream book. Explaining why such a nightmare is seen, he assures that this means that there are envious people who expect any mistake from you, both in words and in deeds.

    And here is how the Gypsy dream book interprets why you dream of swimming with fish of specific species. Here, for example, what the following breeds promise in a dream:
  • catfish - you are too slow, you should increase your activity;
  • silver carp - do not take risks without prior preparation;
  • crucian carp or perch - you will become a member of a fun and noisy party;
  • piranhas - you are in danger, now you should better not stand out;
  • goldfish - fulfillment of your desires;
  • torpedo fish - you are too tense, you need to relax.
Sergii Haranenko
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