Piranha Dream Meaning

These river predators can symbolize both the attacks of detractors and the dreamer's power. To see one piranha in an aquarium in a dream is a symbol of dreamer’s inconsistency in his desires, psychologist Gustav Miller says.

A pack of piranhas swimming in a huge aquarium can mean changes in the mood.

Preacher Loff states that piranhas seen in a dream are a symbol of danger. Someone who has authority in society wishes you bad.

If you were trying to get a piranha out of the river and it bites you, the Gypsy’s dreambook predicts betrayal from the person you care about.

The plot about a tame aquarium piranha predicts victory over all who wish you evil. The dreambooks claim that the piranha that does not bite the dreamer, but clings to his hand is a symbol of the dreamer's rigid character and dodgy mind. You are the one who is not advised to have as an enemy.

The Eastern dreambook also speaks about the ability to stand up for oneself, interpreting dreams about bathing with piranhas that do not attack a dreamer.

If you watched with horror as one piranha bit someone in front of you, and a whole flock gnawed at the body of the unfortunate victim in a few minutes, it means that you are discouraged by someone else's act.

Sergii Haranenko

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