Deceased Wife Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you had a dream about your departed wife? If the late wife appeared in your dream, the dream dictionaries recommend the widower not to panic, but to figure out why this situation arose. To do this, you need to remember what the late woman did in a dream, how she looked, and what happened around her in the dream plot.

Interpreting the spiritual meaning of dreaming about your deceased wife, the dream books advise to figure out whether this dream is a reflection of reality (perhaps the dreamer has recently become widowed and yearns for his spouse) or does it still carry some sacred meaning.

If a man sees his wife who passed a long time ago alive and looking great, smiling and talking peacefully, then it is likely that he will see a noticeable improvement in his financial situation. You can invest your money in the project you like safely - it will bring good dividends, Tsvetkov's dream book states.

But according to the Eastern Dream Book, the deceased wife in a dream is a symbol of disappointment and resentment. If a man who buried his soul mate decided to tie himself in a new marriage and saw such a plot on the eve of the wedding, then this is a warning that the new family will not bring the desired peace and joy.

Have you decided to start your own business? Seeing in a dream the deceased spouse gloomy and unfriendly – is a hint that you should give up your venture, otherwise you will waste your energy, time and finances, having received nothing but disappointment in return.

Seeing in a dream that your late wife is alive, but seriously ill is a symbol of the fact that the dreamer himself need not worry about his health, the oracle of dreams by Nostradamus assures.

But Miller advises "to work ahead of the curve." If you have dreamed of your dead wife with some ailments or wounds, this means you should go to the doctor for prevention and reassurance.

If in reality you are sick, then having seen in a dream how the deceased wife leaves you, without responding to your calls and without looking back, you can hope for a speedy recovery.

The medium Miss Hasse, in her dream book, gives such an interpretation of what the late wife dreams of: seeing your late wife lecturing you is a signal that you do not know how to make independent decisions. This will lead to the fact that others will cease to reckon with you.

But the vision in which you repent to your deceased wife, who accuses you of something, speaks of your dependence on someone else's opinion. You are too much guided by the opinion of others about your own actions.

What is the symbolism of a dream in which your dead wife was crying? If the wife in a dream was tearfully begging you for something, and you remained indifferent to her pleas, this means that you will be sad for some reason. And calming down a sobbing deceased woman in a dream is a sign of despondency, apathy and bad mood for no particular reason.

    The meaning of dreaming about your deceased wife also depends on such factor as the place of meeting with her in a dream. Here's what a date with your late wife promises:
  • in the park, on the street - you need a life without advice of others;
  • in church - repent of your sins and it will become easier;
  • at the cemetery - do not forget about relatives and friends;
  • in a theater, circus, restaurant - you should be in society more;
  • at common acquaintances - someone wants to harm you;
  • at home - one should not seek happiness on the side;
  • at work - there is stagnation in business, it's time to ask for help.
Sergii Haranenko
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