Stabbing Dream Meaning

The dream book offers many interpretations of dreams about stabbing. The personality of the killed person, who may be the sleeping person himself, and other details in a dream will help you predict the situation in business and relationships with others.

An explanation of why someone dreams of stabbing the enemy is presented in Miller's dream book in a plot context. If self-defense was the issue in a dream, the symbol only speaks of the ability to defend one's interests. Unmotivated murder portends a shameful situation.

If you dreamed that the enemy was victorious, besides, the stabbing object was in your back, in reality this means that relations with your loved ones would worsen greatly. This circumstance will affect the business sector negatively.

The Psychoanalytic dream book explains in detail why one dreams of stabbing a person. Often, the personality of the victim in a dream personifies external circumstances that spoil the dreamer's reality.

Obstacles in business, one’s own complexes, and unshared feelings appear in the image of a person. Sometimes characters with disgusting habits appear in a dream. The symbol reflects the willingness to go to great lengths for a better life. Victorious attitude often bears fruit in reality.

The interpreter of Catherine the Great presents a surprisingly positive explanation of a dream in which you happened to be stabbed. After waking up, the dreamer will be faced with an unsolvable, at first glance, task. But this is not a reason for despondency: a way out will be found.

In addition, the dreamer will have an excellent opportunity to demonstrate fortitude, resourcefulness and other valuable qualities. His authority will increase noticeably in the eyes of others.

    In dream books, there are many pretty unexpected explanations of why one dreams of slaughtering oneself:
  • If you happened to see a lot of blood in a dream, the risk of injury is high;
  • Suicide in a dream means that it is time to change your occupation to a more promising one;
  • When you dreamed of killing yourself, an unpleasant person would soon die;
  • Seeing yourself stabbed occurs shortly before falling madly in love;
  • Suicide in a dream means an unacceptable offer with no right to refuse.

The Family interpreter will tell you what it means to slaughter a pig. If you dreamed of doing it yourself, you will receive a tempting offer in the near future. Whether you should accept it or not is up to the sleeper himself. The interpreter promises that it will be easy to recognize the catch, if there is one.

The prediction of Navi promises that if someone from your acquaintances decides to "to a dirty trick" on the dreamer, he will recognize the deception in time and will deftly turn the situation in his favor.

When you have to see someone else slaughter a pig, this means one of your close relatives will improve his financial situation significantly.

The dream books contain explanations of why one dreams of stabbing another living creature. The symbol often promises obstacles to be overcome.

If in a dream you happened to slaughter a cow and eat fresh beef, Aesop's dream book promises the restoration of property justice.

Stabbing a wolf in a dream can happen on the eve of a career takeoff and great achievements. For this you will have to step over your principles.

If you dreamed of stabbing a predatory fish, an unexpected meeting with a longtime acquaintance will solve the financial issue.

This is not the only explanation why you dream of killing fish with a knife. The Emperor's dream book advises to be more active in relationships, and not to be silent like a fish.

Freud's dream book believes that those who are thirsty for revenge have to wield a knife in a dream. Sometimes killing with cold steel reflects a person’s desire to end a hateful relationship.

If you dreamed of stabbing an enemy with a pitchfork, in reality this person will not be able to harm you, his threats are unfounded.

Sergii Haranenko
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