Punch Dream Meaning

A blow in a dream can mean both a symbolic kick of fate and a very real event. Why do you dream that you were hit or you beat someone? The dream interpretation will try to illuminate all possible options.

If you happened to get hit in a dream, Miller’s dreambook believes that in reality you will be injured. It is also a sign of disappointment and failure.

If the young girl happened to accidentally get hit, this means she has to make a difficult choice, on which her future fate depends. Did you have a dream about a bird hitting the window? Wait for breaking news.

Hitting yourself in a dream by negligence literally means that there is an internal conflict. Dream Interpretation considers the blow a sign of obstacles arising from inadequate assessment of situations.

If in a dream you happened to fall and hit against the asphalt, this plot means in reality your self-esteem or standard of living will fall. A blow against the wall, according to the dream book, signals an obstacle that will be difficult to get around.

Why do you dream that you were hit by a door? The favorable period has come when you will be able to fulfil an incredible project. If the blow was in your teeth, this means you should deal with current affairs.

What does it mean in a dream to receive an unexpected punch from a stranger? Dream Interpretation is sure that you made a mistake, and now all your plans are violated. It is also a symbol of a valuable lesson in reality.

Getting a blow from a friend in a dream is a reminder that you need to be more careful and circumspect. Had a dream that they wanted to beat you? By your behavior you have brought someone to the breaking point.

In a dream, being afraid of being hit in the face means that you will experience the pain of loss and disappointment. Trying to fight off the strikes – is a sign of reliable protection.

If you intend to beat someone, but you cannot hit, then the dream book is convinced that personal restraint and nobility will help you solve all the problems.

Why does one dream of a rather weak punch, such as a light kick or a slap? This is a harbinger of good luck and help from outside.

If you feel a faint kick, this means that after a minor life test you will receive a generous gift. If you happened to feel a faint blow, get ready for a not serious reprimand.

If in a dream you received such a strong blow that you managed to lose consciousness, this means in reality the emotional worries will lead to illness.

If teeth fell out from a blow, then the dream book advises you to prepare for serious business troubles and a possible accident.

    The interpretation of a dream will be more complete if we take into account other spots where the blow is received.
  • In the back – a sign of rebellion and obstinacy.
  • In the stomach – your endeavor will fail.
  • In the heart – means the collapse of hopes, disappointment.
  • In the nose – is a sign of danger.
  • In the neck – means loss of life directions.
  • In the eye – predicts loss of interest in pleasures and life in general.
  • A blow on the cheek – you will commit a bold act.
  • Blow on the leg – predicts poverty, instability.

If you dreamed that the blow fell in the stomach of a pregnant woman, this means your endeavor will be a complete collapse and a miracle will not happen. A slap in the face seen in a dream portends unexpected joy, and jaw fracture – symbolizes a bad company.

Why dream that you hit a car? This is a hint of the subconscious that workaholism will lead to the collapse of the family and life in general. Seeing your wrecked car is a symbol of a turning point in fate. If you happened to hit the table in a dream, the dream book is sure that you will have to defend your own opinion.

To see a familiar man hit a girl in a dream means that someone is trying to achieve his goal by any means. It is also a reflection of the sexual desire of a person you know. If a stranger hits a girl, then reconciliation with long-standing enemies is coming.

Why do you dream that your beloved man has beaten you? Dream Interpretation believes that he really loves you strongly and selflessly. Were you beaten by a familiar guy? Some mistake will lead to the fact that your family will condemn you.

If you had a dream that your ex hit you, this means he wants to meet you and possibly renew your relationship. If the former lover punched you in a dream, then your secret will become known to everyone soon.

If dad hits you in a dream, this means you should change the situation, relax and get rid of your own fears. Did you have a dream that a crocodile punched you? There will be a clash with the enemy.

What does it mean if the dead man has beaten you? The dream interpretation considers this action to be a negative sign promising illness or loss. If a dead man struck, you will be sad and worried.

If you had a dream that your late husband had beaten you, this means serious troubles are coming.

Why is there a dream that you were hit by a brownie? Dream Interpretation recommends immediately cleaning the house and putting your deals in order.

If in a dream you happened to see two people fighting, this means you will have to witness a certain incident and even speak at the trial.

Punching another person yourself – predicts a successful conclusion of the matter. If they beat you, then you will regret some act.

Why does one dream of beating your own wife? A fist strike marks a major family scandal. If the wife hits her husband in response, then she will only command in the kitchen.

In general, the dream book believes that beating a husband or wife in a dream is good. This is a sign of forgiveness for past mistakes and a long life together.

If you had a dream that you smashed the enemy, you will find success and prosperity. To beat your father is, on the contrary, a sign of sadness and multiple failures.

Have you hurt your mom in a dream? Soon you will take advantage of others. The blow that accidentally occurred to the mother marks regret and repentance for the deed.

Had a dream that you hit a child? The dream book suspects that you are bringing him up incorrectly. However, to spank your daughter when she deserves this – promises profit.

Why do you dream that you have beaten a drunken man? A great fateful life test is coming, which you deserve by your own actions. Punching a friend in a dream indicates the need to give wise advice.

Did you dream that you beat your ex-girlfriend? After a period of doubt, you will finally get inner harmony and peace of mind. Beating your beloved woman - means her betrayal; a rival - means a stupid act in reality.

Why dream that in a dream the blow went to a pet, such as a cat? Dream Interpretation believes that you will be able to convict someone of betrayal.

Beating a dog – predicts a quarrel with a good friend, a rat – you will finish the deal with enemies; hitting a cow – you will quarrel with family and cry. If you happen to whip a horse in a dream, this means you will discover an insidious plot in real life.

If you had a dream that you were blown away by a shock wave, your rights will be infringed insolently.

If you get an electric shock in a dream, the dream book claims that you are in danger of a nervous breakdown. An electroshock in a dream marks the receipt of truly shocking news.

To receive a broom blow means that you will become a victim of gossip, and if you were hit with a ball, you will you earn some encouragement. If the horse hit you with a hoof, then fate has prepared a painful test for you.

Sergii Haranenko
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