Widow Dream Meaning

Those who had to meet a widow in a dream will have to deal with tedious and vain chores. Interpreting such episodes in dreams, the dream book warns about things that will not bring the long-awaited satisfaction.

The psychologist Miller foreshadows troubles that will come from evil people, explaining why someone is dreaming about widowhood. To a man who gives a widow an engagement ring in a dream, the dream book announces that a carefully planned business will end in disappointment.

What does it mean if you dreamed that you felt sorry for the widow? A dream promises difficulties that can sadden you, but you will quickly cope with unpleasant moments. If you pushed the widow away – this means that impending events can turn into depression, instill feelings of hopelessness, powerlessness.

According to predictions of the Lovers' dream book, if a young girl who has a partner in reality, happened to become a widow in a dream, this means trouble due to the indiscretion of the soul mate.

A guy who puts a wedding ring on the finger of a widowed young lady in a dream, will experience great disappointment in his beloved in reality.

The Dream book for the whole family foreshadows an interesting, romantic acquaintance that can develop into a great and bright feeling explaining why one dreams of seeing a widow.

For a young man, a dreamed widowhood serves as a reminder that he should not forget about his work affairs. Esotericists are sure that your current love interest is contrary to your career ambitions.

Being around a widow in black outfit who buries her deceased husband in a cemetery means it's time to choose between your own comfort and the happiness of a loved one.

Seeing your wife in black clothes at your own funeral foreshadows a coming business trip or a trip full of danger and surprises, the Universal Dream Book says.

    In the Dream book from A to Z, the interpretation of a dream depends on the behavior of the dowager:
  • a young widow - predetermines good luck;
  • an old dowager - announces unpleasant news from relatives;
  • cheerful widow - promises a short romance with an unprincipled, frivolous man;
  • crying widow - warns about betrayal of the soul mate;
  • pregnant widow - speaks of a veiled opportunity to fulfill your dream.

According to the Esoteric Dream Book, a widow who buries her deceased husband in a dream should think about her future in waking life.

If a widow dreamed that the deceased spouse got married, this means the lady should think about creating a new, full-fledged family.

Seeing that a friend is widowed in a dream speaks of the need to support a friend in matters important to her. Such a dream indicates lack of support for the character.

What does it mean if you dreamed of becoming a widow and getting married again? The Dream book from A to Z believes that your stubbornness and ridiculous whims are the cause of your broken hopes.

For a widow a dream about marriage is identified with a new life stage, cardinal changes in the personal life. It is easy to guess why a widow dreams of putting on a wedding dress. Such a dream predicts meeting with an interesting and thorough person.

For a woman, wearing black widow's clothes in a dream is a symbol of upcoming family troubles. Perhaps due to insufficient attention from the dreamer, her husband will find himself infatuated with another woman.

According to the English Dream Book, a young lady who marries a widower will be incredibly upset by the actions of her admirers. In addition, the dream interpreter predicts a meeting, or even marriage with a promising, reliable and reasonable guy.

The Jewish dream interpreter predicts large financial expenses to those whom the widower visited in a dream. If you happened to meet a widower on the street in a dream, then you should not expect a large monetary reward from the proposed work.

Sergii Haranenko
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