Skeleton Dream Meaning

To dream of a human skeleton is a sign of a quarrel or a loss, Miller’s dreambook predicts. If you dreamed of a whole pile of bones or skulls, it is a sign of failures and upheavals, the forerunner of unsuccessful period. You have to be patient and wait for the end of troubles.

If you dreamed that you are looking in a mirror, and it is not you who are reflected, but the skeleton - in real life you are tormented by an unreasonable fear for your life and health.

Seeing yourself so skinny that you could see bones through skin is a symbol of life changes and they will be not for the better. Do not waste your energy and skills in vain, they will still be useful to you.

Digging out a lot of bones in a dream predicts a sharp worsening of your financial welfare.

Finding a skeleton in your own closet means you have a secret in real life that you are trying to hide from others. Finding the skeleton in someone else's closet means finding out some unpleasant truth about your friend.

If you saw a skeleton in the water in a dream, there is a risk to face scammers in real life.

Bones on fire is a sign of bad news, the Lunar dreambook predicts.

The human remains lying in a coffin in a grave mean that in reality you have to learn to live further, having coped with your past problems and experiences.

Seeing fish bones in a dream is a symbol of financial problems. You need to be very careful about handling money, not investing it in dubious deals and not making rash spending, the dream book warns.

The skeleton of a large animal, such as a cow, horse, elephant, etc. is a sign of excellent welfare and financial prosperity. For business people a dream like this promises lucrative contracts and deals.

If you choked on a fish bone in a dream, you will face serious problems on the way to the execution of your plans. Be ready for this both morally and financially.

If you dreamed of a skeleton of a chicken or any other poultry you should be ready for the arrival of guests and a noisy feast. Bones of wild birds symbolize the long road.

Burying a dog’s or cat’s skeleton in a dream is a symbol of sadness because of a quarrel with a friend.

A human skeleton coming to life predicts an unexpected fright.

The living skeleton of a fish swimming in your tank is a symbol of lies and betrayal on the part of people you trust.

To see the moving skeleton of an animal in a dream - to the rebirth of long-faded hopes and desires. You will meet someone who will help bring your old unrealized plans to life.

If you dream about a mummy lying in a coffin, and it moves its arms and legs trying to get up, in reality you risk letting out your old unpleasant moments of life accidentally. Do not do this, competitors will certainly take advantage of this to harm you.

Sergii Haranenko
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