Green Dress Dream Meaning

To dream of a green dress means that in the near future you will decide on some kind of adventure in reality. But you will doubt whether to take the risk or not for a long time, but agreeing to take part in the endeavor, you will remain with a good advantage, Miller’s dreambook predicts.

Beautiful outfit in emerald colors foreshadows the justification of hope and fulfillment of desires.

Seeing a long lime dress in white dots is a sign of thinking about improving your financial situation. The best way out of the situation is changing the sphere of activity.

If you are sewing a new dress a color of green grass, you will get unexpected money, perhaps it will be a win or an inheritance.

If you dreamed that a friend dressed a child in a dress sewn by you, this means that some friends will need your help.

Sewing a long green dress for selling in a dream means that you will be offered a very promising position with a good income in reality.

Buying a short green dress is a sign of an unfortunate misunderstanding and chagrin.

To dream that you are buying a wedding dress of green color is a sign of success in business and fulfillment of desires, Vanga’s dreambook states.

To sell a green dress is a dream is a symbol of reckless spending or loss of money.

If you dreamed that you were presented with a turquoise outfit - to a pleasant surprise and gifts, you are giving it - to a noble act from your side.

To see a dream in which you put on a green wedding dress means you will soon have the opportunity to attend a solemn event.

Putting on an evening dress in shades of green predicts welfare and prosperity, the Eastern dreambook promises.

To see that you choose which dress to wear to work and choose green - such a dream promises respect in the work team in real life.

If you dream that you have put on a long green dress that does not match the office dress code and flounders between your legs, difficulties and obstacles in achieving goals are waiting for you.

If you were wearing the same green outfit as your colleague, such image is a sign of intrigues and envy from your co-workers.

Crumpled green dress predicts hassle and bustle, the Women’s dreambook states.

To tear a green outfit in a dream is a sign of quarrels and conflicts.

A wedding dress in the color of aquamarine, which is covered with dirty stains and is torn in several places means you should be attentive to your health, the dream foreshadows diseases.

Sergii Haranenko
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