Storey Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of floors in dreams? The floor of the building in a dream symbolizes the peak that you managed to climb in business, career, love and in general in life. Knowing exactly the floor number, you can easily determine what it represents in a dream. However, the dream book reminds that the details decide everything in the interpretation of dreams.

A nine-story building has special symbolism in a dream. It is the limit for any businessman, politician or public figure. If in a dream, you were on the highest floor of a nine-story building, it means that in reality you reached the peak of your career.

It’s not difficult to understand why there is a dream of falling from it. Most likely, some event will happen after which you will lose everything: power, money, and luck.

Miller's dream book offers an interesting interpretation of the ninth floor in a dream to pregnant women. If you dreamed that you managed to climb to the top floor and you saw a bright and very unusual detail there, then a boy will be born. If the one is missing, then you should wait for the birth of the girl.

There are a number of real-life omens and superstitions that will help you understand whether you will have a boy or girl. You can check on them here.

Knowing the main meaning of the number of storeys in a dream, it is quite easy to figure out what it means in a dream. However, the dream book believes that for starters it is desirable to know exactly how many floors are in the structure. It is very good if you happen to see the house from the side and approximately estimate its height.

For example, you dreamed that you managed to climb only the fourth floor. But in the final decoding of a dream, there is a big difference: whether it was a five-story building or a skyscraper.

The dream interpretation reminds that the number of floors and even the apartment number that you saw on one of the floors can be a direct indication of the time of a dream coming true or the limit of expectation. Moreover, the figure that appeared in your dream describes the current position of the dreamer.

So the first floor is a symbol of the beginning and self-sufficiency; the second floor means the completion of an action; the third floor means close cooperation, mutual understanding and friendship; the fourth floor means freedom and some uncertainty; the fifth floor means the apogee of the enterprise, feelings; the sixth floor represents incontinence; the seventh floor- marks the possibility of relaxation; the eighth floor – is a sign of fullness and maturity; and the ninth floor – represents the last jerk.

Here are some interpretation examples. Having exact values, it is very simple determining what a dream means. For example, if you dreamed that you climbed to the 34th floor, the Dream Interpretation recommends interpreting the third and fourth floors separately.

This means that in relations with a lover or business partner, there is some uncertainty with complete freedom of choice. The main thing to understand is that not always the last and highest floor in a dream that represents the top of what you can achieve in life.

It is a very important point, according to the dream book, the way you got to the high floor. Both the staircase and the elevator symbolize movement. Naturally, to go up in your dream means going up and progress in reality; to go down means degradation and decrease in activity.

By the way, the elevator itself seen in a dream reflects a desire to achieve a certain status and standard of living. In this case, it is extremely easy to guess what the lift fall represents in a dream. All your plans and dreams, unfortunately, will end in complete collapse.

But running up the stairs or even jumping over a step is a very good sign. The desired will be quickly fulfilled; the main thing with a fast movement is not to stumble.

Sergii Haranenko
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