Pregnant Cat Dream Meaning

The majority of dream interpreters consider a cat itself as not a very good symbol that represents an enemy or ill-wisher. But as for a pregnant cat, they do not have definite explanations of the dream; it depends on how the animal looked and what it was doing. As for Miller’s version, a pregnant cat means that your ill-wishers have a number of ways to hurt you. The psychologist considers that it is good if you manage to kick the animal away from you or even kill – this can spoil your enemies’ plans. If the cat was mewing in a dream, this means you have to be very careful because someone is trying to drag you into a doubtful fraud affair.

    Depending on the owner of the pregnant cat the dream interpretation may vary:
  • your own beloved cat – you will have pleasant surprises and presents from good friends;
  • your neighbor’s angry cat that that you hate – no luck for you in the nearest future;
  • seeing a dirty street cat in your dream – you can expect unpleasant news;
  • if there is a pregnant cat at your work – be attentive with documents;
  • your friend’s animal appeared to be pregnant – he will open you his secret.

According to preacher Loff’s interpretation, you can become a victim of intrigues if you had a dream about a pregnant white cat at your place. Someone can draw you into a shady affair under the veil of a harmless action. If a woman was petting a pregnant white cat in her dream, this is considered a signal for action. Mostly probable there are problems in the dreamer’s personal life and now is the time she can change this if she puts some efforts. If an unmarried woman was petting a pregnant cat, she should start looking for a husband, now is the best time.

A Gypsy dreambook has an explanation of a dream about pregnant black cat. If the girl caught the animal that was running away, she will get acquainted with a man who will be very selfish. If a pregnant black cat was scratching the girl, her wish will not come true unfortunately.

If a girl saw a dream about a red mewing cat, a person close to you can betray her. The same plot for a man represents flattering speeches about him. Seeing a cat with little kittens is interpreted by a Moon dreambook as marriage and pregnancy for a young woman. The same plot means successful purchases for married people, especially if the kittens were male. Actually almost all dreambooks consider male-cats less unfavorable than female ones. So if your cat gave birth to male kittens in your dream, you may not worry, you may maximum have small chores and obstacles.

Sergii Haranenko
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