Mad Cat Dream Meaning

To see a mad cat in a dream, to become its victim is a symbol of impending troubles. The dream means that someone wishes you evil. If you dreamed of an aggressive cat, you should not get upset and panic - what you see is just a warning.

Psychologists advise to pay attention to the inner circle in which you have been communicating for a long time if you saw a mad cat in a dream. To see cat’s claws, an evil grin in a dream is a sign of desperate attempts to save your nervous system from disputes and conflicts. Dreaming means that someone is just waiting to denigrate your name and ruin your reputation.

To see a home pet in an aggressive state is not often seen in a dream. The image has negative coloring, but it is not a "sentence." If you dreamed that the cat attacked her owner, you should be ready for having a reason that will allow you to doubt the loyalty of others.

A dream of a mad cat also means adultery, temporary cooling off in relations with relatives, humiliation by colleagues. The interpretation of the dream by Preacher Loff is reduced to the onset of a period of decline in family and business matters.

If the mad animal tried to bite or scratch you, this is a warning against a sudden illness of flu. Vanga’s dreambook offers to stay at home for some time and not going to crowded places.

A mad cat that now and then bites your hand, reflects the dreamer’s weakened mental health, moral fatigue. Vanga recommends changing the climate urgently, strengthening the nervous system by visiting the mountains, the sea coast.

To see and hear how an evil cat rushes around the room, squeals is a sign of a series of fussy days that will not bring joy. The more unnecessary movements the mad cat has made in a dream, the more ridiculous and smarter the opponents will be in court, or during a discussion of a business project.

Seeing your pet mad in a dream, trying to stop it and stroke is a sign of vain hopes for the conscience of your rival.

Sergii Haranenko
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