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Killing A Child Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of killing a child? A dream vision warns: there will be troubles, collapse of your undertakings, and the severance of friendships. The dream book also warns against making mistakes, infantilism, working too much, outdated stereotypes.

The horrible action of killing a child seen in a dream portends the failure of plans. Moreover, such troubles will arise unexpectedly, and through the dreamer's fault.

Seeing in a dream as if you accidentally took the life of someone's son or daughter means: your business will fail, but you yourself will not suffer much.

To worry strongly about this crime means taking failure too close to your heart in reality.

Why do you dream of killing a child? The dream interpretation explains: in the business sphere (at work) the sleeper often shows infantilism, a purely childish inconsistency. Therefore, his achievements are very modest (not to say "invisible").

Did you have a dream that it was a baby whom you killed? Someone will involve the dreamer in some unpleasant events that can disgrace not only him, but also his family.

Did the sleeping person see an abstract child become his victim in a dream? The dream book tells: this is sign of the desire to get rid of childish behaviour and habits inappropriate for an adult.

Such a dream signals the need to free oneself from aspects that inhibit the development of personality. Often the dreamer realizes that he is dominated by ideas, stereotypes that are no longer relevant, but he continues to adhere to them. After such a plot, these views should be reviewed.

To murder a child in a dream means: because of your own mistake or stupid misconduct, you will spoil your own well-being. Therefore, carefully think your actions through and consider your words.

Why do you dream of depriving of life the child of your friend or good acquaintance? The dream interpretation warns: the sleeper will do an act that can lead to a break in relations.

Did you happen to take the life of your own son in a dream? You keep making the same mistakes in relationships with your family, so you can’t make mutual understanding in any way. You should stop and think about how to fix it.

To dream that a child was killed means: in reality you are rapidly losing energy and this adversely affects your ability to work, the dream book indicates. You need to reconsider your schedule so as not to work too much.

A terrible story seen in a dream signals: it is urgent to change your way of life, otherwise vicious inclinations can even lead to imprisonment.

According to Miller, if you dream of killing a child, the time of despair and sadness will begin soon. You need to have patience to go through these trials.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account which child was killed:
  • stranger’s kid - sad events;
  • your own child - because of him you will suffer greatly;
  • a relative’s child - a loved one will deceive you;
  • killing a boy - great difficulties in business;
  • assassinating a girl - difficulties in your personal life.

Dream Interpretation also claims: the murder of your son or daughter in a dream portends creative crisis. The dreamer himself destroys his own achievements, the results of his work.

Also, the dream of a serious crime against his own child warns: the sleeping person destroys his talents, bright impulses. It's time to stop it.

Sergii Haranenko

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