Firebird Dream Meaning

The dream book calls the dream of a firebird a harbinger of favorable events. It can be a love relationship, success in business, a miraculous recovery. But in order to understand why it appears in a dream, you need to know: sometimes such a vision warns of vain hopes.

Why do you dream of catching a firebird? All beliefs interpret such a plot as gaining incredible luck; therefore it has the same meaning in a dream. The dream book informs: all the dreamer's wishes will come true, and plans are not threatened with obstacles, an excellent period for business will begin.

Catching a phoenix in a dream means: there will be great happiness in the dreamer’s personal life, in relationships with your soul mate. For a girl, a dream promises love for a young man whom she finds pleasant, and it will be mutual. For a young man, such a plot has the same meaning.

If a sick person dreamed of catching a firebird, the dream book says: he will recover, perhaps even contrary to the forecasts of doctors.

Seeing a firebird in a dream is a very auspicious sign. Flying, circling over the dreamer, a fabulous guest, according to the dream book, foreshadows the beginning of an endeavor important for him.

Why do you dream of a firebird flying high in the sky and hiding from your eyes? The vision symbolizes a beautiful but elusive goal. Even with the utmost effort, it is not known whether it will be possible to achieve it. It all depends on the dreamer's passion: whether he will make new attempts to achieve a result or stop them after the first failure.

Seeing a golden fairy bird in the sky is a wonderful omen. The dream book promises very favorable events. It will become clear later what came true: success in business, at work, a new romantic hobby or getting rid of an illness.

However, sometimes the firebird in the sky portends not very pleasant things. Its appearance in a dream indicates pipe dreams and hopes.

A dreaming of a fairy-tale phoenix can warn that real life is different from a fairy tale. Therefore, a man will have a beautiful, but stupid mistress, from whom he will quickly get tired. And the woman will have a silly lover.

If the person is used to living in a dream world, waiting for all problems to be miraculously resolved, the vision of the firebird does not mean anything, it only reflects his expectations. However, to achieve any results, you need to make efforts, sometimes quite serious ones.

What is the meaning of a dream of a beautiful, valuable feather, especially gold or silver one? The dreamer begins an active, stormy stage of life; he can count on some kind of reward.

    The interpretation of a dream takes into account various details:
  • just to see a firebird means you will be lucky soon;
  • to hear it screaming – the dreamer will receive a message;
  • finding a feather – you will get an additional chance in some business;
  • grabbing it by the tail – luck will appear at the last moment.

If you had a dream about the firebird screaming, the dream book advises to remember what this cry was. If it was cheerful, the dreamer will receive good news. When it was a disturbing cry, the news will not be pleasant, but the person will be able to overcome difficulties successfully.

The feather of the firebird in a dream portends a pleasant additional bonus to a person where it was not originally planned.

Sergii Haranenko
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