Spilling Water Dream Meaning

Spilling water in a dream, seeing a puddle on the floor is a symbol of profit, excess feelings that will overwhelm the dreamer's mental world. Spilled liquid means good health, pleasant romance and positive change. But only if you dreamed that it was clean and transparent. Why do dirty drops appear in a dream? Traditional dream books explain the troubles.

Psychologists reduce the interpretation of a dream to a person's subconscious desire for new sensations, extremism. Gathering spilled liquid in a dream means being ready for serious relationship. It is very good if you dreamed that the water was warm and did not cause the slightest discomfort during cleaning.

    Telling why someone dreams of spilling water, Gustav Miller suggests remembering the plot in detail:
  • to see a puddle on the floor – is a sign of joy, pleasure, profit;
  • to take measures to eliminate the breakthrough, to gather the remains of water from the parquet - means successful treatment, expansion of living space;
  • spilling mineral water or champagne - predicts pregnancy, sexual excesses;
  • to see spilled dirt - predicts quarrels, domestic troubles, illness.

There is no need to be afraid to spill water in a dream - dream books claim that the dreamer is overflowing with life energy, emotions and is ready to share his wonderful mood and his feelings with others; even if you dreamed that you were standing ankle-deep in a warm pleasant puddle.

But dreaming of boiling water spilled on linoleum or on parquet flooring in the house is explained as follows. It turns out that you have long been ready for hot and passionate relationship. Finally, there will be a person who is ready to share your feelings.

A clean trickle running down a bucket or glass in a dream symbolizes wealth, gifts, sudden profit. In addition, if you dreamed that you had to clean it, wipe it, got wet, be prepared for good rumors. A dream means that your reputation will be restored and the enemies will be punished.

Dream Interpretation of Nostradamus recommends starting a new business if you happen to see crystal clear liquid overflowing. Expansion of living space, speedy recovery of one of the relatives, replenishment of the budget – this is exactly what it means if you dream of spilling water and not slipping at the same time.

It is bad to spill water that is dirty, or with a bad smell in a dream. Vanga's dream book warns of the possibility of getting sick, getting injured. In addition, a dream can mean a quarrel with family, neighbors or friends. Try to avoid conflicts in the coming weeks unless you want them to drag on for too long.

Chilly, icy water on the floor symbolizes sharp cooling to your beloved. Do not be afraid to end a relationship that is not beneficial and positive for both partners.

Sergii Haranenko
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