Water Splashes Dream Meaning

What do water splashes symbolize in dreams? Splashes of water seen in a dream warn of some unexpected and even shocking, but more often good event. Why else does the image in question appear in dreams? The dream book will tell you about different interpretation options.

Did you happen to see water splashes clearly in a dream? Wait for change. If in a dream they sparkle and shine in the sun, this means prosperity and joy will come. It is also a sign of fun and enjoyable travel.

In rare cases, the interpretation of a dream about splashing water is negative. So water droplets can be a symbol of tears. Moreover, the more of them, the more you will cry.

What else does a dream of splashing water mean? A pleasant conversation or an unexpected meeting with an old friend is coming.

Dreaming about dirty droplets is worse. According to the dream book, this means that you can be slandered and accused of something that you clearly did not commit.

Did you dream that you stood on a high ridge and watched the incoming waves scatter into tiny water drops below? This means a certain devoted woman, perhaps a spouse, will provide support in all endeavors for men, Miller states.

Did you dream about holy water? The dream interpretation believes that it is time to act decisively. In a dream, holy water scattering in splashes means a noble deed that you simply must complete.

If you were doused with water, but in your dreams you definitely realized that it was holy water, the plot is a symbol of heaven's blessing or cleansing from sins.

    Did you dream of splashing water? Remember exactly where you happened to see this plot. The dream interpretation is sure that this will give a good hint when interpreting.
  • In the air – means general well-being and success.
  • On the grass – prosperity, profit.
  • On the window glass – someone else's tears, conversation.
  • Water splashes on clothes – means a holiday, unexpected entertainment.
  • Water drops on the body – minor hazard.
  • On your palms – freedom.

What does it mean if you dream that water splashes fly into your face? This is a call to moderate your excessive ambition and exorbitant desires.

If a sick dreamer saw a dream that cold water drops flew directly into his face, this means his condition will worsen. For others, it is a symbol of the acquisition of new worries.

Did you happen to see that water drops hit your face? The dream interpretation predicts minor troubles and a slight cold.

What does it mean if you happened to splash water in a dream? This means you will buy some new piece of clothes or a useful item. It is not such a good sign if you were splashing just for fun without any definite goal. This is a clear sign of your personal insecurity in the future.

Did you splash tap water in a dream? You will do someone a favor and will receive generous gratitude for this.

But the dreambook guarantees financial problems if you were splashing water in the river.

What does it mean if you dreamed about splashing water on someone? You will start a big quarrel without intention. If you were the one who was splashing, this means getting rid of troubles; if you were doused with water, get ready for a reprimand at work.

Did you dream that someone was splashing water on you in the middle of the street? The dreambook is sure you will have to deal with a dubious endeavor.

Did the water splashes reach your head and upper body? You will learn the happiness of mutual love soon.

If a guy you know splashed water on you in a dream, this is a reflection of his flirting with you.

If you dreamed of an unknown guy and there were splashes of water around, you should remember his face as there is a chance he will become your soul mate.

If an annoying gypsy splashed water on you in a dream, this means you will find out something forbidden soon or will become the victim of evil eye or gossip.

Sergii Haranenko
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