Pouring Water Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about pouring water, be prepared for important news, obstacles, accidents on the road or uncontrolled bursts of emotions. Usually floods of water symbolize information, long but senseless talks and gossip. Hearing water flow can symbolize serious emotional worries, taking part in useless argument. It is also a sign of psychological tiredness and illness caused by it. Seeing water pouring in your dream can also indicate that you are being under someone’s influence and this can lead to unpredictable consequences. The other dream interpretation is that you have hard emotional dissatisfaction and sometimes want to quit everything.

    Seeing a water tap with water running from it with pressure is a sign that except for current troubles, an illness will be added. This plot in a dream also hints that you are thoughtlessly wasting money and can not use your knowledge correctly. If you remember the water condition it will be easier to explain the dream:
  • muddy water – worries and offence;
  • dirty water – illness, troubles, problems;
  • river water – profit;
  • spring water – health;
  • green water – career growth;
  • blue water – spiritual change.

If your dream was about water running and boiling, you can be expecting a period of constant troubles; foam on water – you will lose a conflict; if it wells with force – you will have creative break up. If you were scooping water with a little ladle in your dream, this is a warning that you will be solving a problem for a very long time in real life.

Very cold water is a positive symbol of inner poise, strong relations and good health. If you saw boiling hot water running – you will be in problematic position. Rain water running along water pipes is an image promising acquaintance with a person with whom you will have a lot in common.

If water was running from above and you got absolutely wet in your dream, you will make something in real life, but you will see the consequences much later. Floods of rain water pouring on you is a warning about coming troubles that will make you revise your ideology and have another look at your surrounding. If the water was pouring out of full bucket, the dream indicates that you should definitely stop exaggerating your problems and get distracted from your troubles. On the contrary, if the water was running into an empty bucket, you will meet a person who will teach you a lot of interesting things. If water was pouring out of the walls, this is a reflection of you being unprotected from life obstacles. Water pouring from the floor predicts sudden actions of your enemies. Flooding your apartment in a dream promises news that will change your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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