Breathing Under Water Dream Meaning

The water element itself often symbolizes the unconscious part of the human psyche, so breathing underwater can mean that a person who has such dreams is very much influenced by spontaneous ideas. This person can easily dive into the deeper layers of his consciousness, and feel great being in such a state.

Breathing underwater has other interpretations: it may mean that a person who dreams of such a plot will soon have some kind of change in his life. Moreover, if the thickness of the surrounding water has a transparent hue, then good events should be expected; if it is dirty, then the events will have negative consequences for a person.

Dreams, when a person tries to breathe under water, can be also interpreted as follows. These dreams mean that a person has a mini crisis, some kind of life situations cause feelings of panic and fear in reality. To be able to overcome these life problems you need to rely more on your intuition, and not try to solve problems using standard solution methods.

In order to receive the correct interpretation of this dream plot, you should pay attention to how a person felt being under water. If the feelings of the sleeper were comfortable, this means that even in an unforeseen situation the person will be able to control his emotions and his behavior, that is, the situation will be under his control. If the dreamer felt it was hard to breathe, then the solution of problems will not be easy for a person in real life.

Sergii Haranenko
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